Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garage Saleing and other stuff

Guess what? I went garage saleing again. I went to 4 sales this time, one of them claiming they were Dutch and never threw anything out.
This is a cute little doily I got for 50 cents.
Here's a couple Childcraft books I bought for $1.00 each. When I was younger, we had a set of Childcraft sets and mom either gave them away or sold them when we got older. I'm still not happy about that.
This is a cute little book I got for $2.00. GIVEAWAY ALERT I'm planning on doing a giveaway for my birthday and it's going to be vintage stuff, this is one of the things that will be in it.
I got a set of five of these for $1.00, I'm always looking for more glasses, I don't like to do dishes and I hate running out of glasses, I have a great modge podge collection right now.
These are salt cellars, I believe the lady said, I thought I could use them for glitter (that would be when I have a whole room for crafting and could put them on a shelf where they wouldn't get knocked over), I got them for $3.00 all together.
These are a bunch of little jar/containers that were 4 for $1.00. GIVEAWAY ALERT, one or more of these will be in the giveaway.
This is a tiny little pitcher/glass that's a beautiful pink color, I added it to my tea cup collection, it was $1.00
Here's a little pig and a glass jar, I love these tiny glass jars, they're perfect for little vases, someday when I have a house (or at least a larger apartment), I hope to have a place to put them all together. The pig is for a friend, the pig was $2.00, a little pricey, but I believe it's perfect for my friend. The jar was 50 cents.
GIVEAWAY ALERT: Like it says above, I will be doing a giveaway on my birthday (July 2nd), it's going to be quite a bit of vintage stuff, and maybe some other stuff. I will add giveaway alert to posts with something I will giveaway, as well as in my tags, so keep looking here.
Speaking of my birthday, I was downstairs today watching Amelia with my parents (which by the way we all decided was a pretty boring movie), and they asked what I wanted for my birthday, my answer "I don't know", mom asked me about my mattress. A month or so ago, I told my dad (once) that I wanted a new mattress, out of all the things he forgets of course he remembers this, because my has a pretty big divot in the middle, even when I flip it like you're supposed to. I don't even sleep in the middle. Now I want something exciting, yes I need a new mattress, but who really wants that for their birthday, of course it would be pretty expensive if I had to buy a new one myself. My parents bought this one for me when I moved into one of their apartments my sophomore year of college in 2004, so it's almost 6 years old, I don't know how long mattresses are supposed to last, but since I don't have money, I figure everything should last quite awhile.
I suppose I need to email Ross my Amazon wish list AGAIN, because he needs to be told exactly what I want, or given a list. I sure wouldn't want another Tiffany's sterling silver ring for my birthday (If you know me, you know I don't really wear jewelry, I wear a watch to work, and one ring, nothing else usually)
I would love something really cool for my birthday, what that is, that I'd actually get, I don't know. It'd be cool to have a $500 or even $100 clothes shopping spree somewhere other than here, because our clothing stores kinda suck. I'd love some time (more than a couple hours) with Kevin, I'd love to go to the Good Guys Car show that weekend, I've been there twice, but it's always great, I'd love to have a really cool party with my friends, but of course I have very few close friends, and they're not all in IA anymore, not even in Ames anymore.
What would you pick for a gift if you could have something you really wanted, money not being an object?


Carrie M said...

A DSLR camera

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

thank you so much for joining my blog.

I've enjoyed my trip through your blog and look forward to your Giveaway!!!