Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Only a month away...

I have been excited for my birthday lately. That's the kind of person I am, I may no longer be a little kid waiting to have a big birthday with lots of cake, people, presents, and balloons, but I still love my birthday. It's not an important number this year, 27, but I still get giddy around it (and other holidays, I have a hard time sleeping through the night on Christmas Eve). At least until I went to work yesterday and was informed that the shop will be closing at the end of June. I guess I always kinda knew she'd close sometime, cause we don't make a ton of money, some days we don't even have a sale, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with another shop closing. At least this time, we're going to have sales and hopefully sell everything off, I really hate packing stuff up.
I haven't told anyone in my family yet, and they don't read this blog. I did post on facebook, saying I learned of some depressing news, but no one's asked me what it is yet, I have quite a few family members as friends on facebook, so I'm not ready to jump out and tell them yet.
And it's not a huge loss to me, it's only going to be about $150 less every 2 weeks, but considering I've lost a 4 hr shift every week at the library because we're on the summer schedule, it really sucks.
I've always hated searching for jobs, probably part of the reason I don't do it until I have to (I should have been looking for another job to fill my afternoons, and of course make more money, then I'd have that one as well to fall back on). Looks like I'll be spending time reading the online classifieds AGAIN.
I guess I could look at the bonus of having nights off and being able to watch TV again, not that there's anything good anyway. I sure will be eating up any extra hours the library has to offer, course I planned on doing that anyway with (hopefully) people taking vacations over the summer.

I'd love something to cheer me up, don't know what that would be, as most things cost money, maybe I'll find something cool at Target (which is where I'm heading as soon as I finish this post), or at a garage sale this weekend for a great price.

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