Saturday, April 28, 2018


Sunday: So, Younkers is closing. I googled it and found out that Des Moines (about an hour away) stores were clearing out, so I thought I'd see what our store was doing. Not much. I really need some new shoes with support for my job. A month or so ago when my brother was in town, we started talking about fitbits and I said something about how much I walk when garage sale season starts up (soon, I hope) and my mom said I needed a fit bit, I said that would be nice. The next day as we were driving to a family Easter get together I told her, I'd rather have a good pair of shoes for work, so I thought she'd get me some. A few weekends ago she asked if I wanted to go to Younkers to check out the sales, I was busy then. So, after reading about Des Moines' stores I thought we should see about our store. There were a bunch of signs saying store closing, everything must go, fixtures on sale and everything up to 30% off, that's really not that much. I don't shop at department stores like Younkers and JCPenney and Kohl's because I can't justify spending that much money on one piece of clothing. I did find a pair of shoes for about $60 after sales, which I feel is about typical. I also bought a pair of shorts for $50, which is a bit high for me, but these were the comfiest shorts I have ever tried on, and it's almost shorts season. I could not spend $70 on a pair of black dress pants even if I wore them every day to work, or $50 on a skirt. My mom ended up buying the skirt for me, I figure that covers our earlier conversation.
I was hoping to find some sandals and shirts, but not at those prices. I don't know when the final closing date is, but I might check them out again. I feel the need to go to Goodwill and get a bunch of clothes.
Monday: Got a bunch of swaps packaged up to be mailed.
Green mail swap:
 and a ton others, no pictures though, I'm going to try and take more pictures of what I send out.
I also started getting mail from my new group today:
 Dollar store tag (something you get at a dollar store)
 Sticky notes tag
 I grab tag (you comment what you're willing to send out and the next person posts "I grab" and then what they will send), this one was for washi samples and 25 stickers, though I only counted 23, the hearts are one sticker.
I also received a pink card from another group:
And then this cute card my cousin's kid made:
It's another thing I would have put on a bulletin board if I had one.
I also didn't drink any pop today, which is huge, considering it's Monday.
Tuesday: Basically got a bunch of swaps ready to be mailed.
 This and That swap, we had to pick 5 items from a list to mail to our partners:
 I chose lace samples, 2 ATCs, 3 altered tickets, 4 inchies, and 3 altered paperclips.
I have been so not in the mood to make stuff lately, it was a lot of work to make the things for this swap. I like how they turned out, I just had a hard time getting started.
I also received some mail.
Send Me Something Cute:
 And my May calendar tag:
I watched a few movies that needed to be returned and spent a lot of time on Facebook and Youtube.
Wednesday: I opened at work. I spent $43 on shipping, mostly stuff for this new Facebook group I'm in. It's so addicting, it has these things called tags, the admin posts something that you will send and then you 'tag' the person ahead of you and send it out to them. There's also what's called wishes, you list about 10 things that you wish for and then someone grants those wishes and when you get a wish granted you have to grant someone else's.
 So, here's what I sent, the top envelope is a Send Me Something (SMS) soft and 2 sticker sheets. I chose a purple fuzzy pom pom keychain from Dollar Tree because her favorite color is purple. Next up is two sticker sheets, the next one is SMS squishy I chose a squishy I bought at Target, the last one is sticker sheets as well, the last one is a wish (I made an ATC for her)
 This has a dollar store tag (something you buy at a dollar store) I chose a journal, a keychain tag I had a little issue with this and then found a cute Trolls one at Hobby Lobby, a magnet, a D tag (anything that starts with D) I chose diecuts, and a button/pin tag (those round buttons everyone has).
 This one has a wish (she asked for vintage paper), green happy mail (5 pieces of green happy mail, that's the photo above with the cactus), reusable tote, wish (she asked for ink pads).
This one has a floral paper swap, a bird pocket letter swap and a washi sample swap, I also sent a tag swap today.
Remember how I said I was going to stop spending money, not if I'm in this group. I need to be a little more mindful of what I send and what I sign up for. I'm still waiting on tags back from 2 weeks ago, so I'm a bit bummed about sending so much out and still waiting on getting things back. Of course this is an international group and people are sending from all over the world. Sadly, no mail today.
Thursday: Watched a few movies, got a book done. Got some happy mail.
 More stickers:
 Work was a regular Thursday night, pretty dead.
Friday: No work went through some more movies, also got some happy mail:
I'm impatiently waiting on my subscription box, it usually takes a week to get here because it's mailing from England, but a week was the 24th. I honestly forgot about it until someone on the facebook group mentioned they received theirs in the US, now I really want it to get here.
Saturday: I had to work the afternoon, it was nice and quiet, kinda weird for a Saturday. I enjoyed it.
I stopped drinking pop on Sunday, I've been drinking a lot more water, but I'm hungry like all the time. I just want to munch on stuff between my meals. I also want to have a pop, not so much because I'm craving it (I'm kinda craving the taste actually), but because I want something that tastes different than water and milk. I did pick up some flavored water that I like, Nestle splash wild berry, but it leaves an annoying after taste in my mouth. Someone suggested La Croix and I've tried a lot of flavors of that, I wish there was more flavor to wash out the carbonated water flavor. I haven't tried the things you put in your water, though I did pick up some crush ones at Dollar Tree last week. I took them to work, but haven't tried them yet because my water bottle doesn't hold a lot of water.
I went to Hobby Lobby today for some double stick tape. Last time I was there they had an 8 pack for $8.99 and if I use the 40% off coupon it's about as much or a little more than a 4 pack at Walmart. They didn't have the 8 pack and the 4 pack is priced the same, so I didn't pick any up. I had two other things in my basket and then I just got annoyed that the one thing I went for wasn't there, so I put them back and walked out without buying anything. I wanted to buy something but there wasn't anything I really wanted to spend my money on.

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