Friday, April 13, 2018

I cut my hair

Let's see, what have I been up to since March 31st? Not a ton. I made a birthday card for a friend on April 6th:
 Saturday, I received this beautiful lavender and green loaded bag:
 I made an embellishment box on Sunday:
 And a bird pocket letter:
 I also joined a new facebook group last week where you send out a lot of mail and you get a lot of mail. I do want to cut back on my postage, but I'm excited about this group.
Tuesday, I decided to cut my hair, here's a before:
 And here's an after:
 I usually grow my hair until it annoys me. I've been trying to get it long enough to hit my waist since 7th grade (about age 13, I'm turning 35 this year), but I've never had the patience to let it grow. I measured it, it was 22 inches they cut off. I donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, the lady cutting it said I should donate it to Wigs for Kids, but I found you had to have it in 4 different ponytails before cutting it, and everyone keeps saying that Locks for Love is bad (cause they sometimes sell hair to offset their costs), and Pantene also only takes the one ponytail. You can't tell in the picture above, but my hair has a little wave to it when it's short, so one side is a little wavy and the other side is more flat. I believe I last cut it in late 2012, so it's been awhile.
I also got a welcome to my new group package in the mail on Tuesday:
 A random stuff swap:
 And some altered paper clips:
 Wednesday, everyone at work said my haircut looked cute. I also found out who doesn't really notice things.
Thursday, I got a wish granted from my new group, I asked for cactus anything:
 I may or may not use these. I haven't really been in using stamps lately, but I do like the clear stamps.
Our weather has been really weird lately. There were some nice days in March and then we had snow, this was March 24th in the afternoon:
And then we had nice days and the snow disappeared. On Easter it was in the 30's and cold, and then it went back to the 40's and 50's. Yesterday it was in the high 60's and I thought today was supposed to have a high in the 70's and sunny, but when I looked at the forecast last night it had changed to 60's and rainy. And this morning, the high was only 50 and rainy.
I was originally going to walk up to our north Walmart and the mall and go shopping, I took the bus instead. I didn't find a lot:
 The tide was on clearance for $13, I haven't had to buy any yet, but I know they're not cheap, so I got that. The ziploc bags were on clearance for $2.50, and the other bags were $3.62. I have started gathering all the goodies people give me in swaps and keeping them together in ziploc bags.
 a bralette for $7.44, and a Reece's snack for $3.24. I noticed my bralettes are getting a little old, but I guess that's what happens when they're under $5 and you wear them almost every day. I've already eaten the Reece's.
I found these cute guys:
I figured I can wear bunny earrings any time of year, and for $0.30 each, who can pass them up?
As always, my mall is sad, but I wanted to see if there was anything interesting at TJ Maxx:
Last time I was there, they had these cute unicorn cards and I'm very sad I didn't pick them up. I did, however find these cute gift boxes for $2. I also go there to find new and exciting food, which I didn't find this time, but I found good food. The marshmallow kebab was $2.99, the cashews were $4.49 and $4.99, the rice crispie treat was $2.99. I bought some dark chocolate sea salt cashews at Target in February and have been trying to find them again since then, but I can't. It seems I really liked the salt part of them, because I don't find these that good. I've had the rice crispy treat before.
I'm a little bummed, because I didn't find anything really fun. Of course I was saying the other day, I don't need more stuff and most of this is stuff I will use up at some point, as opposed to crafting stuff which I may hoard forever.
I will be going to Dollar Tree tomorrow, and I'll probably talk myself into Target to check out the Dollar Spot, and Hobby Lobby as I walked right by it on Tuesday.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

So many cute and creative things in this post. I love your haircut, it looks really cute!