Monday, April 02, 2018

After Easter shopping

I decided last night, if I just got up and went shopping I could be back long before I went to work. Woke up at 8, figured the world was telling me I should go to all the stores. Double checked Dollar Tree's hours online and off I went. I decided to go to Target and Walmart first going back to JoAnn's later because they opened at 10. I left about 9, as I walked past Dollar Tree it looked very empty, but it was ok, because I was going back that way to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's later.
First stop was Target:
bunny rabbit, two squishies, an activity book and a care bear
 I stopped at the Dollar Spot, but they were restocking it today. I found out apparently 9AM on Mondays is when they restock, or maybe just move things around. Like after Valentine's Day, their seasonal section was very picked over.
I did find the top squishie, the bunny and the care bear in the Easter section. The other squishie and the activity book were in the dollar spot.
Next up was Walmart:
 I may have gone a little crazy with the Cadbury buttons. I wasn't going to pay $1 each before Easter, but I'll gladly pay 50 cents each after. I picked up the giant Snickers because it was only 80 cents.
 I couldn't pass up the Iowa Easter book. I don't know why but I have to always pick up stuffed animals. I did pass by the ones at Dollar Tree.
 I found a few stickers and a cute bag.
Next stop: Dollar Tree:
 a couple keychains, some glue dots, lace, list pad, paper, cards.
I totally picked up the keychains for friend mail. I finally got the glue dots I wanted, I liked the lace. The list pad and the cards are for me. I picked up the paper for friend mail as well.
 Stickers. No justification needed.
 More stickers. I've actually been looking for these.
 Boring stuff: bags, shower poufs, antacids, hair ties, envelopes. This picture is more for me than you. But it is the reason I had to go shopping today, it's time to switch out my shower pouf.
gummies and chocolate.
I was going to go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's, too, but as I was heading over to JoAnn's (after spending about $60), I decided I didn't need to spend more money or need more stuff. We all know I have too much.
I decided to put a few things in my birthday bag. I figure by the time my birthday rolls around in 3 months I will have forgotten about them.
I should just do After holiday shopping. It's not like I need anything.

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