Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chaotic Day

Today was kinda nuts. We had this huge kids event at work and it was a bit much, there were tons of kids and parents and too much was happening all around me. I know no one could tell, but I was very stressed, I don't know if it was being overwhelmed or anxiety or what, but I felt like I was about to collapse. I usually try to avoid the library during this event and I will switch if I realize I work next year.
I decided to go shopping on my way home since the weather did not cooperate yesterday. I was afraid it wouldn't cooperate today, too. It was raining and windy on my way into work, I chose a heavier and longer coat. Just as I got to work, it basically started pouring and sleeting, my legs were soaked from the thighs down, my boots as well. I ended up drying at work, and the weather went from raining, to snowing to raining, and people told me it hailed and sleeted, too. That was all in 5 hours, welcome to Iowa. It stopped doing it all by the time I left, so I decided to head over to Hobby Lobby and an Asian food store.
Here's what I picked up:
 I spent about $13. I don't really know what things are, I just kinda guess every time I go, sometimes I get lucky and find stuff I've already had. I do not know what the pink and purple drinks are, but when I drank the purple one it was kinda like a grape milk drink. I think I was supposed to shake it because when I got to the bottom, it tasted more watered down. The middle drink is Litchi flavored Ramune, which is kinda like sprite and flavored. I don't know what the yellow package is but they reminded me of Umaibo which are very yummy, and they taste like them, too. The pink is a strawberry flavored snack. The purple one said it was taro flavored filled pillows. They remind me of the Quaker squares cereal filled with a little cream, they're not very good.
Hobby Lobby:
 I went to get a paper pad I saw a few weeks ago, but they didn't have any (which isn't bad, cause I don't need more paper). The two Trolls containers were mystery keychains, they were $1 each. The wooden feathers, diecuts, arrows, and banner pieces were $0.75 each. I seem to be attracted to feathers lately. I picked up the diecuts because they have llamas, sombreros and cacti. I'm not sure what I'll do with the sombreros. I thought the arrows would just be fun. The cacti gemstones were 50% off, so $1, I love cacti. The banner pieces I thought I'd flip over and use for a card. The vellum envelopes were $1. The flower pieces were $0.49 each, I thought they'd make good embellishments.
These were in the Easter section, they were 90% off. I love rice crispie treats, they're a little hard, but they're still good.
I wish I could stay home and hibernate for a month to get over the nutsness of this day, but I have to work the next two days. Tomorrow is Sunday, which is enough to make us busy, but we also have an event that's supposed to pull a bunch of people in.s

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

You're so adventurous! Those bunnies look good, I would have bought them too.