Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More shopping

I ran out of foam tape a few weeks ago and had to pick up some small padded envelopes for a swap, so I went to Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target today.
I wasn't sure if Dollar Tree would have foam tape and clear packing tape, so I made sure to stop there first.
 I bought all the sheets of stickers with the bicycle on it, it was only like 4, but still. I saw them in someone's haul video and was excited to see that my Dollar Tree didn't have them. I didn't have this sheet of butterfly stickers, so picked those up. I liked the hydrangea stickers and picked up two of those. I had to find something that starts with C for a swap, so picked up this notepad with cacti on it. The birthday card is for a co worker. I picked up the notebook to track my swaps. I found these cute keys in the wedding section, you get 12 for a dollar, I don't know what I'll do with them, but I couldn't pass them up.
 I bought two rolls of the foam tape, as well as the packing tape on the red roll. Now that my hair's short, I need the bobby pins to keep it out of my face. I'm trying to drink more water, but I don't like the taste of it, so I picked up these flavor things to help. I picked up the dry erase markers for work. I picked up the hedgehog cause he was cute.
My next stop was Walmart.
 I don't need more paper, but I said I could buy it, if I used it for a co-worker's birthday card I was allowed to buy it. I picked up the photo album for a swap. The Equalizer is a movie I keep checking out from the library, so why not buy it? I picked up 4 of these envelopes, I really wanted a package of them, but they didn't have any. The granola bar things were on sale for $1 (but, of course they didn't ring up as that, I'm glad I caught it before I paid), thought I'd take them to work.
Last stop, Target:
 I spent under $3 here. I picked up the cactus drink float to go with my C swap and then decided to send something totally different, that and the pens were in the dollar spot for $1. I picked up the oreo bar because I had a cartwheel (I also have a coupon for a free one, but I keep forgetting to put it in my bag).
I found some happy mail when I got home:
They are die cuts from my new facebook group.
Tomorrow, the forecast says we're getting more snow, but it's supposed to be in the 50's at the end of the week.

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