Saturday, April 21, 2018

Weird week

So, it's been a weird week, weather wise. It's been cold, the temperatures have ranged from the teens to the 60's we're having today. We had a day where I had to pull out my winter coat that I wear for the teen weather, plus there was wind. We got snow two days this week, we were under a winter weather watch Wednesday through 1AM Thursday, we had rain and snow and sleet and hail Wednesday morning and supposedly got 3-5 inches of snow, but by the time I went to work Thursday afternoon (around 4pm) it was all gone. And now the forecast shows highs in the 60's for the next week, I certainly hope so, I'm so tired of winter.
Sunday, I worked, it was kinda busy, we had an author tea, thankfully everyone was confined in the auditorium, so I wasn't overwhelmed like I was on Saturday. My co-worker offered me a ride home by way of HyVee, I may have gotten a little too excited about going to HyVee. I just get really tired hanging out with myself. I picked up 4 pints of ice cream, 3 Haagen Daz (mango and raspberry sorbet and a pistachio ice cream) and 1 of Ben & Jerry's.
Monday, I realized when I went to work I was still overwhelmed from Saturday.
Tuesday, I went shopping, see my previous post for that. I also created a calendar tag for a swap:
 I've been having a hell of a time being creative lately. I joined a new group on Facebook where you basically just send each other happy mail, which I love, but it's a bit of money in postage.
I also finished another explosion box:
 I finished with a person in mind and then when I went to look up their birthday, I couldn't find it. Not sure where I got the idea that it was this week. Oh well, I have one for the next birthday that comes around.
Wednesday, like I said we were in a weird weather thing. I got hit with snow and sleet on the way in to work, then it tapered off while at work, when I left about 1PM, it was snowing again and visibility sucked.
I got happy mail:
This is from my new group:
 My partner was to send me something that started with B.
Thursday, I slacked off in front of the computer all day and regretted it when I went to work and stared at the computer. I had a patron say something that the library was putting on was offensive to them and I felt sad that they were so close minded.
Friday, I went to lunch with my mom, I wanted something exciting from Panera, but it wasn't to be. We also went to a vintage store in a close town and Ben Franklin. It wasn't exciting.
Today, I was going to to go to a garage sale, but I stayed up too late, and didn't feel like going out. I did finish another explosion box for a supervisor:
I bought this paper pad on Tuesday telling myself I could only buy it if I used it for this explosion box:
It's very springy and I wanted to do a spring/birthday explosion box.

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