Saturday, May 05, 2018

Lots of happy mail

So, I think I'll be sharing what I mail out on here as well as what I'm getting. In my new group it's not required to post a picture of what you get, so no one sees some of the cool stuff I mail out. I've also noticed that not everyone posts thank you's for what they receive.
Sunday: I went through a lot of movies and some books. I had a big bag of stuff to return to the library on Monday. I made it through a whole week without drinking pop, it's a big achievement for me, but I've done this before and then I drink a pop and I go to drinking pop everyday and that's where it goes downhill for me. I'm trying really hard this time, I'm just hating being hungry (or maybe thirsty) all the time.
Monday: Finished a book, got some happy mail.
This and that swap:

 Junk journal tag:
 My April Lollipop box:
 And there were cookies at work, and I might have had a few too many, they were soo good.
Tuesday: not much, just getting stuff ready to mail on Wednesday.  Had some interesting weather, pouring and hail
I got some happy mail.
Surprise tag:
Wednesday: mailed out a bunch of stuff.
50 loose stickers:
 Chipboard stickers:
 Letter E-erasers:
 Letter E-emoji:
 Wish granted-something gnome:
 Yellow happy mail:
 Something sticky-pushpins:
 Altered paperclips:

I got some happy mail, a bird pocket letter:
 A wish of anything hedgehog granted:
 I was sent 4 of these cute notecards, I'm not sure I'll be able to use them.
Thursday, I went to a Humane Society sale in a neighboring town with a friend:
 The goose thing is a writing set, a pack of postcards, some stickers, an angel hanging and a 'card'. The writing set, postcards and 'card' are for my new facebook group. I thought the stickers were cute, the angel hanging I'm planning to give to my aunt.
 lace and trims, magnets. I totally picked up this bag of lace/trims for the purple trim (there were two) and the gold trim, it also had the orange lace and the trim at the bottom. The rolls were all separate, the other items in the picture were together in a bag, I totally bought it for the duck.
 Hedgehogs, bird and bunny picks. Everything in these three pictures was $5. Sounded like a great deal to me. Both my friend and I needed to be back in Ames about 4, so I reminded her and she kept shopping, we got back to Ames a little after 4, I got to work with 3 minutes to spare, talk about cutting it close.
Friday: I was going to go to a few sales in the morning but talked myself out of it. After work I had to pick up some chai tea and saw this cute wallhanging:
 I did get some happy mail, something sticky:
 a tag with envelope:
 Love the colors in this.
Button pins:
 I'm a little bothered that the pins are from Valentine's Day, but I guess you can't really tell unless you knew that.
Five pieces of purple happy mail:
 There are way more than five pieces here. Sadly, I won't use a lot in this picture but I will be passing them onto people who will. My favorite items are the gum, the flamingo pouch and the card.
Saturday: A friend and I went to a neighboring town's citywide garage sales. Saw this beautiful teapot while we were out:
 It was $16, which is a little out of my price range. I found a few things, though:
A stuffed emoji for 50 cents, a decorative teapot for 25 cents, four sets of mini cards for 50 cents each, a flip flop decorative piece for 25 cents and a free Ariel.
 I also picked up a bag of foam stamps, there were 4 sets of the above foam ones for $1. I'm not entirely sure why I picked them up now, I might take them to the library's kids department.
I feel I've said this before, but these sales are more and more sad every year. There were a lot fewer this year than previous years and I think I won't worry about going next year. It seems like there is a ton of things going on this weekend each year, I read about 4 different citywide sales, this one included, we have our first Farmer's Market, also the university has graduation today. So, I'll probably just do garage sales here next year.
My friend and I stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch and I picked up these cute little squishy things:
they were 75 cents each.
I also talked her in to stopping at Hobby Lobby to check out their Paper Studio sale:
 I picked up the two sheets of loose paper for 34 cents each, the paper pad for $7.49, the fabric pennant pack for $2.50, the cats with glasses stickers and the cactus stickers for $2 each, the popsicle tags and the flower for $1.25 each, the washi for $2.49, the llama charms for $2 and the pineapple sacks for $1.49. My grand total was about $25.
I just liked the ice cream and unicorn paper. My aunt suggested I sell my explosion boxes at a store, in order to do that, I'll need to make a few more, this paper pad has nice springy colors as well as a slight sparkly sheen, it was one of the few cardstock patterned paper they had. I've decided I like making them more for seasons than for birthdays, so I might do more of that. I couldn't pass up the cats with glasses and I will need some cactus stuff at one point. I thought the fabric banner set would be good for a swap. I've been eyeing the popsicle tags for awhile, so I finally bought them. I like the flower, figured I could use it in a swap. The washi has bicycles and flowers, I'm really into those right now. I love the llama charms and I've wanted the bags.
We also stopped at JoAnns because it's in the same strip mall. I saw these cute teapot pieces:

 I picked up some cardstock:
 These both have 100 pieces for $10 each. I thought it was a good deal and I need cardstock for the bases of the boxes.
When I got home, I found some happy mail.
Lip gloss:
 I'm not entirely sure why I signed up for this tag, I don't use lip gloss, but I had a cute one I wanted to send out.
Orange/yellow washi:
 I love all the extras she sent with it.
and a surprise:
While it is a beautiful scarf, I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I don't wear scarves and I don't have a nice place for it.
It was a fun day to shop with a friend. I don't think Hobby Lobby is going to have the tape I want so I will be returning to Walmart and picking up a pack everytime I go. I need to sit down and make a bunch of those boxes now. I have sold a few to friends and it would be fun to sell to people outside of my network.
I feel like I need a nap now though.
I did break my no pop thing for lunch and sadly the pop was not as good as I expected it to be after not having any. Usually what happens is I don't drink any for awhile and then I drink one and then I just keep buying them and drinking them, but if I don't buy them, I'll be fine. I think I'll be fine, an occasional one doesn't seem to bad and I wasn't planning to never drink pop again.

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