Friday, April 28, 2017


Not a very exciting week. I did receive some cool mail this week, 
Sunday, I worked on getting some swaps put together. I couldn't sleep when I went to bed, so stayed up until 2:30 making a pocket letter.
This showed up on Monday:
 It's a loaded bag filled with goodies and project life cards.
Also had a hard time getting to sleep Monday night, when I finally did, I woke up a ton of times.
Tuesday, I finished packaging some swaps to mail out. I was telling my co-workers the other day, I get annoyed at how much I spend on postage, but when I get my return swaps, I'm so excited to get them, so I guess it's worth it.
Couldn't sleep Tuesday night either, I have no idea what's going on with my sleep, but I had to open on Wednesday, so I was rather irked.
Wednesday I mailed off 9 different swaps, spent about $20 in postage, which really isn't that bad for 9 swaps. Also, helps that I get the experienced clerks at the post office and not the ones that don't know what they're doing and overcharge me. I've also been having a hard time getting into books I'm reading, on Wednesday, I got a true crime one in on inter-library loan and read all 400 pages that night, so I guess I just needed a good book.
Finally got some sleep Wednesday night, I was so exhausted when I got home from work on Wednesday, but I couldn't even nap.
Thursday, I slacked off most of the day, took a look at some of my books that were due on Friday. Thursday morning, my heat kicked on, I looked at my weather app and found out it was in the 30's outside.
I found this in my mailbox:
 It's my surprise Dollar Tree swap, on one of my facebook groups, we had a $5 limit and we had to go to Dollar Tree and buy some stuff for our partner.
I also found this in my work mailbox:
 I love that someone got me a minion peep, I'm not so sure about banana creme flavored marshmallow, though.
The book I chose to start reading happened to be requested by someone else, so I had to finish it Thursday night (actually it was after midnight when I finished it).
Again with the colder weather Thursday night. I wore my light winter coat to work Thursday and today. The forecast for the next few nights is in the upper 30's, but I am not liking this weather. It's almost May, this shouldn't be happening, maybe it's because of those 80 degree days we had in February.
It rained all day today, but by the time I left work, it had stopped. This was in my mailbox, with the envelope soaked:
It's one of my spring mini pocket letters.
I'm feeling rather overwhelmed lately, it might be the lack of sleep, but I know there's a bit of work stuff bothering me and some crafty stuff and maybe this giant pile of books staring at me.
I'm so good at bottling my emotions inside and no one ever sees when I'm having a bad day, but sometimes I wish they could. Some days I wish for a physical hug, or just someone to go out with after work, someone to shop with.
I also feel I have a bit too many swaps that I've signed up for, so I withdrew from the ones that don't have partners assigned. I think I need to scale back my swaps a bit, or maybe just sign up for the ones I'm really interested in.
And the books, I have 28 checked out right now, most of them are pretty thick. My mom told me once, that I didn't have to read them all, I know that, but I feel a little obligated to do so. I just keep renewing them and not even starting them. I have suspended the other books I have requests on and nothing becomes active until middle of May, but May does start next week. I'm thinking I need to cut back on art and other stuff and just read. Reading keeps me really sane.
I'm also a little antsy because I haven't been to any garage sales yet. I was hoping to go to a few this weekend, but with the cold weather, there aren't that many happening, and none in my neighborhood. Next weekend, I'm going to one on Friday, maybe two, I have a citywide one a friend and I are going to, on the 9th, I'm going thrift store shopping with another friend. I really want to do some retail shopping tomorrow after a stressful night at work tonight, but after balancing my checkbook, I really shouldn't. I have to pay rent on Monday, of course I keep telling myself I shouldn't stress over what I have in the bank right now, there was a time I only had $200 in the bank, and I'm nowhere near that right now. I have signed up for some extra work hours in May, so that will help.
I really wish I knew what would make me feel better. I really need to work on a few more swaps to get mailed out next week, so I'll probably end up doing that this weekend.

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