Saturday, April 15, 2017

Suicide Squad

This week was uneventful, too.
Saturday, my mom and I went to the ISU fashion show. We went to The Cafe for supper, I decided to try something new and got the catfish po'boy. Not the greatest decision, there was something sorta spicy in the sauce, so I took the sandwich apart, still didn't like the breading on the catfish, so I unbreaded it and ate it as an open-faced sandwich.
The fashion show is just less and less interesting to me each year. My mom and I started going when she started her job at ISU when I was in high school. I feel like there's not as much interesting stuff anymore. I remember one year, they did a skirt made out of CD's. Now, it's just main stream clothes.
Sunday, my friend and I went to the International Food Fair. It was more fun with a friend, though I didn't eat as much as the last time I went. I remember spending about $30 in food last time, this time I had a hard time spending $20. I also feel there was more sit down food and more stuff that sounded spicy. They post the menu a few days before the fair, so I google everything on it.
I didn't eat much this year. I bought a potato/spicy dumpling like thing. That was good. I also got a pork dumpling from the Chinese booth. I got some kind of bread pudding made with puff pastry and almonds and pistachios and honey. It was soo good and soo sweet, that filled me up. Last time I bought a bunch of the drinks. I did get a few drinks this time. I tried bubble tea, I think I would have liked it more if it came with the extra big straw so I could have the bubbles with the tea. I had something that tasted like tea and fruit juice and I had a lassi which is a milk based drink.
I'm trying not to spend money, so I don't do much. I just read, do my online stuff and work. Last saturday when my mom asked what was going on with my life I told her just that and she didn't believe me.
I did buy a Peachy Cheap grab bag, because that's the whole reason I signed up for Peachy Cheap. I got it in the mail yesterday:
  I'm actually pretty happy with this purchase. I was afraid I'd get some dies. I think I'll use mostly everything.
Here's some close-ups:
  These are by October Afternoon, called Daily Flash Flash Blurbs "Eggnog" 16 die-cut shapes. They retail for $2.09
 This is a sheet of stickers by Jenni Bowlin studio, they are called numbers quilted stickers. They retail for $0.97
 Jenni Bowlin studio general store stickers, retail: $1.75
There's no packaging with these, so I don't really know who made them. They are cling stickers with all sorts of sentiments. Probably a happy birthday set. I don't use a lot of stamps, but I like these and the other set below, I just have to get an acrylic block to use them.
October Afternoon, Witch Hazel postcards, retail: $4.58
Prima Fancies, Aloha petals. I can't find this in a google search, but we all know Prima is not cheap.
Dear Lizzy rub-on pens, retail $9.99
Another stamp set, it's hard to see in the picture, but this has butterflies and flowers and a few sentiments: hope your day is as sweet as you are, especially for you, and heartfelt thanks. I just realized there's a mason jar stamp on it. Again, no packaging, so probably about $10.
My Mind's Eye Hello Gorgeous 6x6 designer paper pad, retail: $6.99
Studio Calico vellum labels, retail $6.66
a couple rolls of washi, no packaging. The left one is white with a blue pattern of triangles, I think there's about 1/2 inch thickness of washi. The right one is lime green stripes, probably the same amount.
imaginisce 75 die-cut cardstock shapes, retail $4.79. These were a little rough shape, the glue around the package holding them in is old and wasn't really holding them in anymore.
freckled fawn 6 paper clips, retail $3.99
Fancy Pants good fellows tags, retail $2.99
I don't really know much about this, most of the words are in Asian characters, all I can read is the Memo-it at the top, the God bless you at the top of the sheet and the hello jane at the bottom of the sheet, I'm having a hard time finding it online, it's probably around $3
These also don't have any real packaging. They are wood shapes of butterflies, big and small.

I paid $14.99 for the grab bag, plus $5.99 shipping. It was mailed on 4/12 and got to me 4/14 in a priority mailer bubble envelope. I am very happy with this purchase. I've seen a few peachy cheap deals I've been interested in, but like I said, I'm trying to do a spending freeze (i should apparently do a swap freeze too, because a lot of my money has been spend on postage for swaps), so I haven't jumped on them. I will do another grab bag, though.
I also ordered some checks that got here today, I noticed the other day, I had 3 checks left. I know I have a couple books of checks somewhere, but I don't know where, so I just ordered more, probably too many because I only use my checks for rent, medical insurance and a few random things. I mostly use my debit card or direct withdrawal from my bank account.
I don't think I even made that much this week. I did paperclips last week, I don't take pictures of those, I don't know why. I finished a loaded bag for a friend that I mailed off today along with a singing in the rain tag. I got to the post office and it was a long line, when I got up to the window the guy said I picked a bad day because it was tax day, I didn't even think about that, though I'm pretty sure most of the people were not mailing taxes. From what I saw, there were a bunch of packages, some international and a lot of people picking up packages. I feel a lot of people do their taxes online now, which I know the government is pushing.
Last night, the library had a drag show, that was pretty cool.
I watched Suicide Squad when I got home last night, it was good. I'm trying to finish a book called Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders. It's very interesting, it's just thick: 451 pages and lots of little articles on each page. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend.
Tomorrow is Easter, the library's closed, I have a whole basket of stuff to open/look at and I made a reservation for myself at a local restaurant mostly so I wouldn't have to sit in the car for 4 hours with my mother. It's a little sad, but I want to eat something exciting, and not be in the car with my family.
I doubt next week brings much more excitement. I'm hoping garage sales will pick up soon, I want to go shopping, but not store shopping. I am hoping to go after Easter shopping on Monday, though, i'm craving chocolate.

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