Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge

This post is just a catchup from the week, I happen to be watching Hacksaw Ridge at the moment. I posted about Easter and my shopping haul on Monday, check that out, here. I'm attempting to not spend money as I might be going on a fun shopping trip in early May, plus garage sale season is starting up.
I haven't done much this week beyond my shopping trip on Monday and grocery shopping on Wednesday. I had a great mail week, though.
 Journaling card swap. I love the clipboard, the lined and flower ones. She also wrote my note on a tiny library card.
 Journaling cards swap from facebook. I love the brightness and color on these, my favorite s being the bicycle ones.
Button swap. My favorite one is the purple lion one on the bottom.
Singing in the Rain tag swap. I love the quote.
Favorite animal pocket letter swap. I love the stickers she included.
Paper clip swap. I sent my partner an owl and a "D" paper clip, her last name starts with a "D". I love how she personalized mine with a "W" and an owl. My favorite it actually the coffee cup, I love coffee stuff (except the actual drink), I think they are wicked cute.
Mermaid pocket letter. I love how she use die cuts for the mermaids as well as adding real sand on the bottom.
Dollar Tree Surprise swap. We were instructed to pick out $5 of stuff from the Dollar Tree and send it to our partner. I love the fish stickers. I also love how she added the paper clips so she didn't have to worry too much about weight. I already have the flower and owl stickers.
Spring pocket letter swap. It's so nice and colorful. Love it.

I hope next week will be as eventful. Also, hoping I can keep up not spending money.

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