Friday, April 07, 2017

this week

So. I woke up Sunday with a sore throat, that generally means I'm getting sick. I decided to go to Target and Dollar Tree to shop for my Easter basket and start a spending freeze on Monday. I'll show you what I got on Easter. I bought a bug Easter basket on clearance years ago at Hobby Lobby. I'd been wanting it since I saw it at the beginning of the season. Here's a picture from last year:
How cute is he?
I don't know how much I paid for it, but I think it was about $15 or so to begin with. I had a few items in my Easter basket and then I'd get hungry and it would disappear. I covered my basket with plastic bags because if I can't see what's in there, I won't get distracted with it.
I don't recall much of what I did this week, I've been really tired and sniffly and sneezy and maybe a few other dwarves. I've been trying to go to bed early and just not do much, it's been really exciting.
Wednesday, I must have felt a bit better (it could have been the pop I drank after work) because I stayed up until about 1AM creating. I was trying to get some pocket letters done to mail out today. I've started having Fridays be my mailing days. I like just going to the post office once a week instead of multiple times a week. My job is a block away from the post office and I live about three blocks away, so it's not like it's out of my way or anything.
I did buy the peachy cheap deal today because it was a grab bag and that's the whole reason I signed up for the peachy cheap deals, I'll be interested to see what I get. I'm a little worried about getting dies, but I figure I'll find someone to swap with.
I got a $20 gift card for spellbinders through a YouTube video. I didn't realize I was getting a gift code/card to spellbinders when I signed up, I know I could have deleted my comment, but I didn't think about it. So, I won one of them, I've never found it so hard to find something to buy. I don't have a die cutting machine and I don't use stamps very much. I got my order today:
 Everything is out of their clearance section. The total was $19.45, I'm not going back to spend the rest of the $0.55, or the points they keep saying I earned.
 These are Media Mixage Birds One Metal Blanks, basically just four metal bird shapes, they were $2.99
 I didn't read the description on this but thought it was a 12x12. It's actually a 6x6 with thin double sided paper, it's called Media Mixage Ephemera Papers Two Paper. I picked up two at $2.49 each. The designs are nice and I'm sure I'll find a use for them.
 This is a three pack of trims, I also didn't really read the description, I thought I was just getting the second trim. It's called A Gilded Life Antique Gold Trim Embellishments, it was $3.99. I like the first and second trim, the third one is a little weird.
The last item I got:
Celebrations Enameled Elements Embellishments, they were $2.49. They're basically enamel shapes. I'm not sure how I'll use them, I don't use enamel dots.
Like I said it was rather hard to find $20 worth, and I thought they'd have more stuff than just dies, oh well. I know for next time.
I went to my first garage sale of the season today, mostly because it was close and they had Stampin Up stamps in their ad. I didn't buy anything. The stamps weren't marked and I hate asking prices, plus like I said I don't use a lot of stamps anymore.
Tomorrow me and mom are going to the ISU fashion show, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep as I'm still wickedly tired. Sunday, me and a friend are going to the International Food Festival on campus, I'm excited about that. I love trying new foods and these are pretty cheap, I mean you're only getting a little sample, but it's fun, and I love that I'm going with a friend this time. Last time I went, a few years ago, it was fun, but I think it would be more fun with a friend. We kinda have to hurry as my friend does have to work that afternoon, but we're hoping to get right in.
I finished one book this week: Washington's Monument and the Fascinating History of the Obelisk by John Steele Gordon. I thought it was just a history on the Washington monument, it was good, I just wasn't really that interested in the history of the obelisk itself.
I have way too many books checked out, I have 38 what I deem deep reading books, meaning they are over 200 pages. I accidentally renewed a hunk of them on Monday so I have a bunch due at the same time. I'm not doing very good at reading my books or watching my movies, I'm blaming it on being sick.

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