Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter and stuff

I spent a lot of money since Saturday. I went to mail a few things, which was a bad idea. There was a pretty long line, part of the people were picking up packages and the other part didn't have their stuff packaged. I feel that happens to me every time I go to the post office, even though there's a sign saying you have to have your stuff packaged and labeled and ready to mail, a lot of people don't. They had two new people at the windows with a third who happened to be doing a huge box of envelopes. The guy I got, was really new, I kept hearing him tell people he didn't know and then he had to go confer with someone else. I think he may have overcharged me on something, but since I don't know the weight, I don't really know. He also told me it was a bad day to come to the post office because people were mailing tax stuff, which I didn't even think about, but most everyone in line had boxes, I'm pretty sure they weren't tax stuff.
After that I headed downtown to see if there was anything fun to buy. The director at the library has been into collecting fun teapots because we have an event every once in awhile called Author Tea, and she wants to have neat teapots to put out. I found this one at one of our consignment stores:
 It was originally $11 something and was marked down to $8 something.
I also found this really cool wallhanging that someone made out of vintage cards:
 I found this sorta ugly teapot at another consignment store:
 It reminds me of something you'd take camping, it was $4.
I picked them both up for the library.
I also made a reservation for Easter brunch while I was down there. Sadly, I don't think it was worth the $30. There wasn't anything really exciting on the brunch table, I had ratatouille and chicken and sweet potatoes and French toast.
I also had a couple deserts but one tasted very weirdly carmely, the other was red velvet cake but it was dry. Oh well, at least I tried something.
Here's my Easter basket:
 And here's what was in it:
The Tsum Tsum's pencil pouch set was $3, the pink pencil pouch was about $3, everything else was either $1 from Target or the Dollar Tree.
I was really excited to find some tape especially the new skinny tape everyone's been talking about. I looked closely at the patterns and picked the three I liked. I was also really excited to find the reading angel, sadly she doesn't really fit in with my decor. I'm not a big fan of religious stuff but I like anything that has to do with books.
The food:
 I can't believe I didn't buy any chocolate. The TimTams are from Target, I don't know how much they were, I had a cartwheel for them. Everything else was $1.
Today, I thought I'd go after Easter shopping, plus I had to buy some stuff for a swap.
First up was Hobby Lobby:
 All Easter was 50% off, so everything was on sale. the felt bunnies and flowers were $1.50 each. The cupcake picks were $1, the bunnies were $0.75. The cashier didn't know the candy was on sale, so I had to go back and do a return and then get charged the sale price for them. I don't know why she couldn't do a return and sale in the same transaction, it would have been way easier.
I really wanted to nerdy chicks, they had chenille chicks with glasses on, but not when I went.
Next up was JoAnn's, but we're back to not finding anything good there, so I didn't buy anything.
Next was Dollar Tree, I actually had to go here to get some stuff for a swap:
 markers, pom pom keychains, pencil pouch, notebooks, pens, foam tape, stamps, sticky notes, glue runner, and stickers.
The markers are for me, I'm sending another set out for a swap. The pom pom keychains are for future swaps as is the pencil pouch, one of the notebooks. The poop notebook was for this swap as was the stamp set. I always try to pick up the neat pens. The dry-erase markers are for work. I wanted to make sure I didn't run out of the foam tape, you know how the DT is. I picked up the glue runner to try out. This sticker set is my favorite of the new ones and I was surprised they had it.
The food:
 All the Easter candy was 50% off. I was glad to see the oozers and the berries come back.
Next up was Target:
 I was disappointed in Target. Their signs said 30% off or more, markdown at register. The few things I picked up and scanned on the price checker were regular price, so I wonder if they were just too lazy to change it in the system and were having the checkers do it. It frustrated me, so I didn't buy any Easter stuff. Also they were about to re-stock the dollar spot, so I didn't get anything there either. I needed these felt pens, mine all the exciting colors don't work anymore and they were less than the price on the shelf. The green thing is actually a little coin purse in the shape of a cactus, I couldn't pass it up, it was $5, it was in the kid's clothing section, I think it was a display of things to put in your kid's Easter basket, the brand is Cat & Jack.
Last stop was Walmart:
LOVE the Minion Easter basket. He was $2.50, the bag of chocolate was $5, the eggs were $1.50, the activity books, keychains and Reece's carrot were $0.50, the tape was $1.50
So, outside of Hobby Lobby I spent about $20 at each store. I was going to go up to the new Super Walmart on the north side of town and TJ Maxx tomorrow, but I think I've spent enough money, especially since I'm supposed to be on a spending freeze (so much for that). I think the fact that I didn't do after Valentine's Day shopping helped and that I needed to shop for this swap. I have a plan to use or eat most everything I bought. I have a few spring swaps coming up, some stuff I bought because it wasn't just Eastery. I've already shared about half of that large bag of candy at work, I also shared some of the other chocolate in a swap as well as a few things from the Dollar Tree.
I do really well at not spending money when I don't go anywhere. I wonder how long this one will last.

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