Sunday, April 02, 2017

Weekly update.

I guess I'll go back to that weekly post thing. I am still trying to do the Wednesday Hodgepodge when the questions seem interesting to me and I'll probably keep doing haul posts (maybe).
I haven't done much in the last week. I was rather busy crafting at the beginning of the week, but mostly it was just go to work and read. I'm trying to get through some of my books because I have way too many checked out. I actually managed to get quite a bit done on Sunday and Monday. I read right after I got up, took care of my morning computer stuff and then crafted for awhile, watched a movie and finished the day with reading. That worked until Monday, when I had to work at 3 and got off at 8. I didn't get a movie in but I did read a book.
I finished Food City: Four Centuries of Food Making in New York City by Joy Santlofer last Sunday, that was pretty cool. Like the title says it was four centuries of food making in New York, it was separated into different sections of food, I don't remember them all, but there was drink, and sugar, and grain and meat. I love learning, and it was really fun to learn about food.
I finished The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom on Monday. It's a book about a family that worked with the underground network in the Netherlands to hide and move Jews during the German occupation during World War II. After finishing that, the next few books in my piles to read were sort of about Nazis and World War II and even though it wasn't a really thick book, it's a very depressing subject even though they saved bunches of Jews. I just need something happy and a little down time after reading about that subject. I like reading about it, I just need a time out afterwards.
The next book I finished was The Book of Heroes by Crispin Boyer. Basically it's about a whole bunch of heroes. The one I'm working on now is called The Book of Heroines, same concept. I like this one better because it seems we always hear about the guys but not so much about the women.
I haven't done a whole lot of crafting this week, I finished a whole bunch of stuff and mailed it off on Wednesday as well as created a mini pocket letter and mailed it off on Thursday and some ATCs for a swap, once I get the return swaps those posts will go up on my art blog, The Frog Princess. I like to start the posts once I get my end done and leave them in draft form until I get my partner's end. I've decided it helps me keep better track of them.
It's been kinda niceish here. We've been having 40 and 50 degree days, but it's also been a bit overcast. When it's cold here, it's really nice and warm in my apartment, when it warms up and into the summer it's cold. I live in the basement, so it stays pretty cool, but in the summer the AC kicks on and tries to keep the upper two floors at 60 something, it's probably already that in my apartment and I find it kinda cold. I close the vents in the summer and I have been turning on a space heater in my bedroom in the evenings. Otherwise, I just cuddle up in my blankets and read or watch a movie or do stuff online.
I had a bad day yesterday, so I went shopping today. Everything fun that I picked up, I put in my Easter basket, so you'll have to wait on that. I did pick up some essentials of envelopes, packing tape, garbage bags and a shower pouf. I want to start a spending freeze, sorta. I still want to wander downtown, but after spending the money today, nothing was that expensive, but it adds up fast, my downtown is not cheap. It's mostly independent chains and while they are fun to shop at because they are different, they aren't cheap. I also filled up my Easter basket and more, so I don't need (do I ever need) anything more. Next Saturday, I do have a fashion show to go to, I was hoping to go to some of the second hand clothing stores and see if I couldn't find anything cute for that. Next Sunday, is the International Food Fair that I'm hoping to attend with a friend, we'll see how the world wants to treat me this coming week, I woke up with a sore throat this morning, it's pretty much gone, but usually that means I'll be getting a cold soon.
One of the channels I watch on YouTube, poetspice, is doing a use up your scraps/spending freeze or chill collab. You do have to make videos to actually participate, but I thought it'd be fun to try to do it anyway. I don't need more stuff (probably for a few years) except glue etc and I do want to use up my stuff. I've been wanting to do a spending freeze, only on craft stuff, for awhile, I just find it a bit hard to do. (because I like to shop, or I have a bad day and it makes me feel good). Of course that might hinder me doing garage sales. I don't know. We'll see. My garage sale money doesn't exactly come out of my checking account, I take $20 out each week when I go grocery shopping, and I save anything under a $10 bill, mostly so I don't have to take money out later to go garage saleing. I'm only up to about $50, and it's late in the saving season, mostly because I started watching YouTube last year and started spending more at retail stores and less at garage sales, because I wanted what everyone else was getting. I am missing vintage buttons and lace and other stuff, and you get the most unique things at garage sales for the best prices.
I feel I'm just rambling now. I spent about $60 today between Target, Dollar Tree and Burger King. I specifically went today so I wouldn't be tempted by Hobby Lobby.
What are you all up to?

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