Saturday, August 30, 2014

A few finds

Hello all,
It's been awhile since I did a post that wasn't Wednesday Hodgepodge, mostly because I've been a little busy lately. We closed the library on August 17th and started to move the next day. As of last Sunday we had the whole collection moved, that's a quarter of a million items in about a week. Now, we have two weeks of training before we open on September 14th. I have been at the bookstore since August 11th. This last week, I worked about 50 hours between the bookstore and the library, I was a bit tired yesterday when I got done. On August 16th I went to the state fair with a friend, that was pretty fun.
My first set of pictures are from a sale I went to on my way home from the library last Friday. There's a church across the street that has a rummage sale every year. Here's what I got:
 These were from the free pile: some art pieces, some frames and a cute bookmark.
 An Easter bag, a couple magnets, some earrings and some wooden ovals.
I know I'm not supposed to be buying more art stuff, but I can't help it. When it's this cheap and I believe I'll use it, I buy it. I should make something completely out of my garage sale finds.
Last Saturday, there was a neighborhood sale that I went to, unfortunately it started out with rain for the day. I still went and found some great finds:
 a couple geese, a rabbit, a giraffe, cat and weird stuffed animal. The geese were in a box with the bunny, I really only wanted the bunny.
 A solar bee, two frames, a funky pin, another giraffe and some miniatures.
 A scarf (it's much brighter), a cute gift bag, wallhanging, and some kind of embroidery.

 This week, I had 3 sales on my list, everything here is from the first sale. They advertised for last week, but I guess she cancelled because of the rain.
 A cute blazer. It's a little tight when the button's closed, but I love the color and thought it might be nice for something dressy
 Another frame (you can't tell, but it's velvety), a cute bluebird painting, To Kill A Mockingbird and American Holocaust (I've seen students buying this book all week and I thought it looked cool, just not for $20)
beaded flowers (apparently I don't have any vases to put these in, I'll have to get creative), some ribbon and vintage jewelry (I LOVE vintage jewelry)

Next week starts training at the library and my last week at the bookstore.

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