Tuesday, September 02, 2014

End of summer hodgepodge

It's hodgepodge time again, head on over to Joyce's blog to see other people's answers.

1.  What's something you wanted to do this summer that you never got around to actually doing? Find a really good garage sale. It feels like every year there’s one sale that’s great: has great prices and lots of cool stuff to choose from, I didn’t find one of those this summer.
2. Share a favorite memory of your own back -to-school days as a child. I love back-to-school shopping. I remember going to Target with my brother and mother and picking up the lists that told us what we needed and picking out supplies. I really loved getting notebooks and folders the most. I’d make sure my notebooks and folders went together, one for each class. I recall doing this through college as well.

3.  What's one chore or daily task you prefer doing 'old-school' ? Mail. I miss getting cool things in the mail. I love sending people things in the mail. I used to have pen pals, I miss those. It’s always fun to get news of your penpal.
4.  Share something you've learned in life through the 'school of hard knocks'. Don’t trust people. Sad as that seems, when I trust people or depend on them they just end up letting me down. I’ve learned to only trust myself, and if I need something, I’m the one to provide it for myself.
5.  As a child, did you mostly bring or buy your lunch for school? What was your favorite thing to find in your lunchbox? We were talking about this the other day. I remember doing both. I remember the breakfast for lunch days at school, you never wanted to miss those, but I also remember taking my lunchbox to school. I don't know of anything I looked forward to seeing in my lunchbox.

6. Football season is upon us which has me wondering... how big of a sports fan are you (not just football) ? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being 'I scream at the players through my television screen' and 1 being 'is knitting a sport?' where do you fall in fandom? I don’t like sports. I may work basketball games, but it’s more to see the fans, I really don’t like any sports myself.

7. Share a favorite quote you think might inspire students of all ages at the start of a new school year. Imagination is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration--Eisnstein. I just like that he's telling people you have to work for things. Most likely it's not just going to pop out of thin air. Most ideas come from years of hard work and sometimes it pays off.
8. Random Thought: It's fall. I'm excited and not excited about it. I like that the year's moving on, but like always I'm not happy that life's going so fast. I like that it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas soon and that my parents will be moving into their permanent home and I'll get to see the finished product. I don't like that I will be back to not using my brain at work and that I need to really get into the job search and that I will also need to be looking at apartments again. Not having laundry here and maybe not having a friend live as close will be an issue next year, also my internet keeps dropping. It's something that happens every summer, I know it's not on Centurylink's end, I think it's something to do with the wires and this old house. It would be so nice to have internet when I want it.
I'm also not excited that it's the end of garage sale season, I feel like I haven't found anything really cool this year, and I keep wanting to find that item (whatever it may be), but I'm trying to save money now that I'm paying a higher rent and life keeps getting in my way.


Nonnie said...

I like sending notecards and receiving them, too. I can't really tell where you are from, but I don't think the garage sale season ends in Texas!! :-) I'm always seeing signs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You're not the only one who still has a house phone and answering machine--we still have ours, too :) It's also nice to meet someone else who doesn't feel the need for a smart phone :) We love our flip phones!