Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Friday

I'm so glad it's Friday
  • I know I still have a 7 hour work day to get through, but I'm so happy it's Friday.
  • I was a bit upset on Monday when I was informed all the evening shifts were cancelled at the library
  • Though, now I'm ok with it. As tired as I've been getting off work and getting up the next morning, having 2 more 11 hour days instead of 8 hour ones would have been way worse.
  • The stress of the students arguing in returns yesterday really got to me.
  • I felt like I was going to the textbook office with questions for every return.
  • If people would just not open packages and keep things in the bags until they need them, my days would be less stressful
  • I texted my friends after I got off work asking about a distressing event, but no one was available.
  • Correction, one got back to me saying she was also tired, the other two didn't even respond.
  • I wish I had some exciting lunch to mark the end of the week, or even something exciting to do tonight.
  • I have a three-day weekend because my shift at the library was cancelled tomorrow, but I have nothing to do.
  • I might just be lazy all weekend.
  • I'll probably make something yummy for the Labor Day picnic on Sunday. And that will lead to free food on Monday.
  • Is it 5 yet?

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