Saturday, August 02, 2014


So, the house changed hands yesterday. I went to go garage saleing yesterday morning, and this is the end of the garbage from my parents moving out:
 Ever feel like you're not finding something, so when you do, you buy a lot of it? I've been feeling like I've had button withdrawal lately, so when I saw an ad that listed buttons, I made sure I went to it. And I found quite a few, the first bunch was worth it, I'm not so sure about the second one. I'm keeping all these.
 The metal ones, I couldn't pass by. There are a few with people riding reindeer, some with ships and one with a moose. The shinier metal ones near the top have dragons on them.
Here's the other ones. I really shouldn't have bought them, they're mostly extra buttons from clothes. There were a few neat ones in there, but not worth the price.
 The heart in the bottom corner looks handmade, it's got buttons, a thimble charm, a safety pin and a tiny spool of thread on it.
Here's my last sale from yesterday:
 The cup shows our city hall, it was once a high school, I love the stick pin and I thought I could use the earrings in artwork.
While wondering on my walk I happened upon this bubble poking out of a fence.
 Today I got up and went to more garage sales, six in total. I got to one and they had a 25 cent bin, it's all downhill from there, here's what I picked up:
 Very cute, I don't know what I'm doing with them.
The last sale was across the street from my house, I stopped there on my way home from the farmer's market and grocery store.
There's always one of my pictures that's crappy. If you can see I picked up this mix because of the umbrella and purse pin, way too cute.

After all that, the new owners were outside, so we chatted. I like them, I think we'll get along great.
My legs are tired, between the two days I walked 9 miles, and tomorrow I have to take a jaunt down to Target for stuff.

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