Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday I realized I needed to go to Hobby Lobby because I needed more cheap paintbrushes and some new blades for my paper cutter.
Here's what I ended up buying:
2 picture holders, a pair of blades for my paper cutter, a glue stick, a cute cupcake magnet, a paper craft grab bag, a tiny measuring tape, and a cute backpack
I did put back the cute stickers, and the cute stuffed bird and the cute butterfly decorative piece and the decorate a monster, and the wind-up bug. I decided I didn't need those items, cute as they were.
I picked up the picture holders to display some of my artwork this weekend. I am showing some of my artwork at the library for a display. My paper cutter kept leaving fuzzy edges, so I decided it was finally time to pick up some new blades. I've been looking for alternatives to my mod podge, double stick tape and hot glue gun, figured I'd try a glue stick. The cupcake magnet was just too cute to pass up. I bought the paper grab bag because there was a cute set of rub-ons, so I figured that was worth the money alone. I don't have a measuring tape and I seem to need one a lot lately, so why not. And the backpack was too cute. I've been meaning to switch to a summer bag, I usually use my Tinkerbell messenger bag, but last year the straps came off, now I did fix them, but how long til it happens again.

And then today, there were some garage sales, so I decided to go to them. One was a bust, the other two I found a few things.
This is from the first one, pair of leaves, donkey and stick pin and frog
I have a huge collection of 3 stick pins now, but they are extremely cute.

And the last sale, I picked up a stuffed pig, a stuffed guinea pig, a Silly Snacks cookbook, and the movie Jumanji on DVD

Not that I need more stuffed animals, but these two were way cute and for a great price. I love the cookbook, and I've always wished I had Jumanji on DVD.

This neighborhood I went to today was supposed to have sales today, Friday and Saturday. I don't think I'll get much done on Sat, I have the art thing from 11-4, I have to set up before then. I figured I might go to a few sales that open at 8, but I'm not walking all the way up there. I might go back tomorrow and see if there's anymore sales, I'm already going to one 10 blocks away, and it didn't take me near as long to walk up there as I thought it would. I was back by 10 and I left at 8:30, so that's pretty good.

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