Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fun Day today

So, today, my aunt, dad and I went to the Tanger outlet center. My goal was to buy some shirts, skirts and dresses. I ended up with 2 dresses, some books, and some chocolate.
I had gone to the websites of some of the stores in the outlet center, and decided Dressbarn had more of what I wanted (mainly skirts/dresses that hit at knee or longer length).
I saw this one in the store, it hit about calf length, but it seemed way too clingy when I walked.
I saw this one on the website, but when I asked if they had any denim skirts, the saleslady said no.

And, I saw this one in the store, but it was dry clean only.

I ended up with these two dresses:
This one is rayon, a nice stretchy fabric, in a nice kelly green. My only problem is, no matter what bra I try on, I can see the top seam through the fabric on the dress. I think I'll end up wearing a black cami underneath so you can't see it. Anyone have any suggestions for a bra I could wear under it. And it's not just that I can see it, it's a definite line where a bra seam would be. I tried it without a bra, but then you can see my nipples, and I sure don't want that. I'm planning on wearing this to wedding on Saturday.

I also ended up with this dress. I love how it comes in at my waist even though it looks pretty straight on the hanger. It's more of a darker cerulean blue, more bright than in the picture. I think this will be a perfect dress to wear to work, or more casual places.

 I found a cute skirt at Old Navy, it was a little expensive, I decided after spending so much on dresses, I wasn't spending that much on a skirt.

Most of the time, I buy my clothes at Walmart. I plan on going to the big one soon and see what they have for t-shirts/summer shirts. I need some more of those, they might have a nice bright skirt too.

We went to the Book Warehouse, where they had a special of buy 2 children's books, get a 3rd free. I wasn't planning on doing that, but then I found a math book and since I'm trying to get better at math, I picked that up, I found 2 more nice activity books. Not so bad for 3 books. I loved the prices there.

The last place we visited was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where I spent way too much. I bought 3 truffles, but they're huge and extremely rich, I bought a 1/3 pound of grasshopper bark, and a bag of chocolate covered bridge mix. I hate how everything was not priced (that's probably how they get you). I love bridge mix. I've decided to adopt what I told myself for garage sale season, if I find something yummy at a sale, I'm going to buy it and not feel guilty. Plus, we all need chocolate right?

I've been feeling bored with my life lately. I don't know if it's because I'm single, or I'm sick of the dull colors, or I just feel stuck in a rut, or all of the above. I have been really sick of pants lately, that was part of the reason I wanted a new skirt. I have 5 that I wear, which are cute, but they are the same 5. Plus, they're not really bright colors. I have decided I like and want more brightness in my life, whether that is clothing, or decorations, or whatever, I want it. I really feel good in skirts. I had a patron at the library comment the other day, that I'm the person with the really cool skirts, and she said it again last night when she saw me, so that definitely bumped up my self esteem.

I'm really excited to wear my new dress on Sat for a wedding. We're traveling to Waterloo for the wedding, staying overnight and then going to my mom's side of the family (I haven't discovered whose house yet) for Mother's Day on Sunday. And then Monday, I get to see puppies! I'm really excited about that. Course I still have 2 days of work before then. Hopefully they'll go by fast.

What did you do today?

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