Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday 5

I thought I'd join the Thursday 5 on Flip Flops and Combat Boots:

1. I had great FUN on Saturday going to the Gilbert city wide garage sales. I got to have a girl's day with my aunts.

2. Saturday afternoon was AMAZING. The weather was in the 60's, the sun was shinning, there was little to no wind. I got my lawn mowed without getting too sweaty, and then my guinea pig and I enjoyed a nice snack on the grass.

3. Today should be pretty RELAXING. All I have to do is my laundry, I'm thinking of doing dishes as well, the sink is overflowing and the water smells kinda funny. I wish the plumbing guy would hurry up and get here so I can start those things.

4. The two dresses I bought yesterday are FABULOUS. I love the green one, it kinda makes me feel like a greek goddess, and I have the cutest sandals to wear with it. The blue one is very cute as well, I realized, while I was looking at it today, it's the same style as the one I wore to my high school graduation.

5. The stores at the outlet center were INTERESTING, other than clothing, they had a couple food stores and a book store. I spent a little more than I planned, but I will enjoy everything I bought.

Well, I hope I did ok. I don't have that great of stuff to write about, I don't have a very exciting life. Next week, I may have more to write about, especially after the weekend I'm looking forward too.

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Nicole said...

This week I didn't have many exciting things to talk about either. Hopefully next week will be more exciting for both of us!