Friday, May 13, 2011

Garage sale and other stuff

So, last weekend was ok.
We headed out to Waterloo around 1PM, we let the GPS direct us, so it was a new way and we got to go through some cute little towns.
We got to Waterloo a little after 3, lounged in the hotel room until about 5, then went to the Brown Bottle for supper, I tried to get something new, but seems with my family, we're all about going somewhere where the food is not exciting and new. I ended up getting some garlic chicken and found out that pine nuts are yummy. Some high school must have been having their prom that night because we got to see tons of kids in their dresses. It was pretty cool.
After supper, we headed over to the art center where the ceremony was taking place. It was pretty cool with a very short ceremony (maybe 15 min), and ending with a silent movie. The reception was just down the hall and it was also around movies, so there were silent movie star tables we were assigned to, there was a candy bar and they had cupcakes instead of cake.
Sunday, we got up and went to the restaurant for breakfast. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet for $7.95, only everything on the buffet was obviously bought somewhere else and heated up. The muffins and bread were cold in the middle, the bagel I had was very hard as if it had sat out a while.
We left around 10:30, stopping off at the super Walmart to pick up some pine bedding for my pig, since the small Walmart in Ames doesn't carry the really big bags anymore. I am very unhappy with that. We arrived in La Porte City shortly after 11 to pick up my grandma, and arrived at my aunt's house shortly after 11:30.
The day was fun, we had a pinata, and it was very entertaining to see my cousin's son, hit it so hard the head came off.
Monday was fun too, got to spend about 3 hours with Loretta and her Bichon Frise puppies. She still has 5 left if you need a puppy.

Today, I squeezed in one garage sale. I had to work this afternoon 1-6, and then tomorrow 8-1, so that pretty much means no garage saleing.
Here's what I got: a giant copper colored pillow, a set of snowmen salt and pepper shakers, a cute little white bowl, and 4 notebooks.
I love notebooks and find many uses for them, but you can never find them cheaply anymore, unless you stock up at back to school time. And I had to get the black one for my garage sale adventures. I usually go through the online ads and craigslist, write down the addresses and times, and what interests me. Then I figure out my itenerary and schedule, and write addresses and times in the order I'll go to them.
That way I can always have the addresses with me while I'm out and about.
What was your week like?

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