Friday, May 27, 2011

A bouquet of roses

And other things. I went to 3 garage sales today, one turned out to be a bust.
This first one was advertised as 49 years worth of stuff, if that was the truth, they didn't collect much. I found (another) dictionary, a pack of folders, a Hello Kitty keychain, and a snowman (so much for not buying snowmen)
The next sale boasted having lots of homeschool stuff, they did but they were also bundled into $7 bundles, they also said books, they had books, but they were old and $10 each.
I found a giraffe, muffin, cookies, and ribbon.
The last sale, I went to last year, should've advertised as everything's a $1.00. I found the stuffed hedgehog, the very cool pitcher, and the 3 pins.
Here's a close-up on the pins, there's a bouquet of roses, a blue bug, and a butterfly.

I always think it's interesting what we gravitate towards at sales, like I always go to jewelery, linens, and glassware. I found a box of pen nibs today, and remembered a blog I read where she collected pin nibs.
I'm sure there's some of you reading this thinking "Why did she buy those?" on some of my items, I know I think that some times, but it's so cool to see everyone's diversified tastes.

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