Thursday, May 05, 2011


I don't understand why my parents are paying to make sure my plumbing works. It does. They never used to have a plumber come in and look at stuff, only after we redid my bathroom do they do that. Wouldn't you think if my plumbing didn't work I'd tell them?
I just got yelled at by my dad because I didn't get my dishes done, and I had a sink full of dishes when the plumbing guy came in today, that I knew for awhile, and why hadn't I done my dishes.
I swear, my parents pay for the stupidest things these days.
They pay for the pest control to come through twice a year, to spray for bugs, that we don't have. We had an infestation of carpenter ants when I was a kid, and when you live in an old house that's mostly made out of wood, that's really bad. So, ever since we had that happen, the pest control guy comes twice a year.
They pay to have random shit done throughout that house, that really doesn't need to be done. Like carpentry stuff, my mom decided a few years ago that I needed a bedroom door, there's never been a bedroom door up here, and it's open 90% of the time, but she paid our (now, we have a single carpenter that we go to, that takes way too much time to get things done) carpenter to put the door in. All that entials is drilling holes for the hinges and attaching the door to the wall, oh and putting a doorknob in it, and of course we need a lock in that door, and it needs to look old, cause we live in an old house.
Now, she's hired him to replace my bathroom door. So, it's crappy and looks like someone punched it once, and now that the trim is squared up, it doesn't close properly. She found an old door and we leaned it up against the other one, and it looked fine. It needs to be stripped and painted (can't just paint it cause we have to have it done the right way, even though I'll end up doing it and I don't want the damn thing), before the carpenter can put it in, which just means add hinges and a handle again. And since he didn't do it right away, the damn thing has been sitting in my bedroom, leaned up against my mirror, which I can't use, in the way. It's too big for one person (me) to move back down the stairs to the garage, I finally stuck it under my bed the other day.

OK, so I'm really just annoyed about the plumbing thing. It's interesting how my parents complain about money and then spend it on stupid ways.

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