Saturday, June 23, 2007

Live your life with arms wide open

Thursday night, I planned on going to Porky's for bike night. Thursday, we had thunderstorms, and a tornado watch, I actually found out where the basement is at work. So I was figuring that by 6 when I got off, we wouldn't be going to Porky's, well, Karli decided that since the severe weather had passed we should go anyway, and I wasn't gonna complain. Karli, her mom, me and Kevin started out for Porky's only to be called by Karli's mom's friend and told that Porky's was locked up, so we went to Trophies instead (the place the bikers go after Porky's). That was fun, got to hang out with bikers and look at bikes, then we decided to go to The Jungle Room, a karoke (sp?) bar where a great number of the bikers congregate after Trophies. I never go to sing, I just like to watch, I was very entertained because Karli and her mom were dancing. I kinda felt sorry for Kevin cause he seemed so bored. As mean as it sounds, I'm thinking next time I go, we're leaving him at home. He was so out of his element. You know how bikers have a certain stance about them (and if you don't I'm not gonna explain it, cause you won't understand anyway)? Kevin just didn't fit in with them.
I was talking to my boss yesterday about it, and she said I need to have a list of stuff I want/need in a guy. Is that true? I was so happy just having A guy, I don't want to go and make a list and maybe find out that there's not a lot on it that he fits with. I'm extremely confused. I've never had a boyfriend (yes, we are officially girlfriend and boyfriend) before, so I don't know anything about relationships, but I know I love cuddling on the couch, I also know it's not going to go beyond cuddling, even if I have to dump him, it's not happening.
Any advice from my small subset of readers?


Ambulance Driver said...

"I also know it's not going to go beyond cuddling, even if I have to dump him, it's not happening."

Care to elaborate?

Far be it from me to suggest that you engage in premarital sex, but this guy is your boyfriend. Is there NO possibility of a physical relationship, and if not, why are you ruling that out?

Do you just not feel that way about him, or is it a moral stance of yours?

If you don't feel that way about him, he deserves to know, Weink.

If *I* were the guy, and my girlfriend wasn't interested in a physical relationship, regardless of how committed that relationship is, I'd want to know sooner rather than later.

Carrie said...

I think a list of qualities you want/don't want in a guy is fine, just don't feel like the guy has to meet every single one of those things. No one is perfect, and you might find you fit together well with someone you didn't think you would. However, you SHOULD think about which things on your list are dealbreakers, and maybe discuss it with him.

*Goddess* said...

I think it's an excellent idea to have a list of what you want and don't want in a man. I also think you're placing too much importance on the face that he's your FIRST bf. Don't worry about it. Others will come along and you don't want to "settle" for him or put up with stuff you don't like because you feel you've waited a long time for him. The mere fact that you don't WANT to have sex with him, tells me he's not even close to the one for you.