Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day of fun

OK, so it's been a couple days since I've posted, you'll get over it.
I've been pretty much working and hanging out with Kevin. Working and having fun, what more could a person want? ;)
Had to work Fri, Sat, and Sun for our grand opening at the store. Unfortunately there were a ton of things going on here and just down the road, so didn't have a lot of customers. Therefore, I only got Monday off instead of Sun and Mon like I'm supposed to. But it was fun having Mon off.
Kevin now has a class in the mornings, so we don't get to chat on AIM before I go to work. Anyways, Monday, I had to get my glasses rearranged since someone (Kevin) hit me in the face with a volleyball on Fri night. So, we went to lunch at the mall, killed time, got my glasses fixed and were going to go mini-golfing, but the place didn't open til 3. We killed more time, we went to a toy store downtown, and by the time we left, you could tell the storeowner really wanted us to leave. We were kinda acting like kids. We sweated and majorly sucked at mini-golf, then went walking in the river, I got us totally lost in the woods. I thought we were supposed to go down one trail, that led us to a run-off of the river, so we walked quite a ways before we actually found the river, and then a bit more before we actually went in.
I've decided I want a tadpole, they're so fun to squish (no I didn't squish any to death), we had to cross the river to get back, by the time we actually got in it, so we both got pretty well soaked, especially after slipping and landing on our asses, that was entertaining.
We dried off (at our respective apts), washed his truck, went to Village Inn for supper and came back to my house to listen to a joke CD, where Kevin promptly fell asleep on my bed for about 10 minutes.
But it was fun, I wouldn't mind another day of acting like kids, makes the rest of the week worthwhile, and ok to live with. I was complaining after we got back to his truck how he's always making fun of me, he said he only makes fun of/laughs at people he likes.

UGH!!! George showed up right on schedule today, so while I'm feeling like crap (why the hell do I always have to get cramps?) I get to mow the lawn, shower and go to work for 8 hours, lucky me.

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