Tuesday, June 05, 2007

She may believe you but I never will

Wow, its been awhile since I posted (me who posts almost everyday), this is what happens when you have stuff to do during the day, and are tired when you get home from work. I now understand why other people don't update everyday.
I will not complain about my work. I know my boss is on the internet quite a bit during the day, and knows how to use the internet, I'm sure if she really wanted to she could find this blog. I also don't have the desire to complain about work to you people (not that you're bad, but I don't know most of my regular readers other than that they read me, and I read their blogs).
So, with that in mind, I will be commenting on some of the stuff the customers do/say when they're in the store. I work in a crafts store. I am the only employee as my boss opened this store not so long ago, and really hasn't had the time to look for anyone else, plus she would like someone with an art background. So a couple things I've seen within the past week.
I had some kid with a box of food come in last week and start a little speil (sp?) about how he was with such-and-such group and that by buying this stuff I would be helping these kids stay off the street, or something like that, I stopped him and told him I wouldn't be able to buy any because I was working. I just thought it so messed up that one would walk into a business and peddle their wares, maybe its just me.
Today, I had a lady and a little girl (maybe about 6?) come in and the girl starts walking into our back part, which I told her "this is where the store ends", the lady with her asks if she heard that, and then went on to say the girl was used to being next door (a place where little kids frequent) and wandered all over that store as if that was a good enough reason for her to wander into the back area. I was thinking, I don't care lady, take responsibility and tell her yourself she can't go back there, doesn't matter if it's not your kid, she's still with you.
Also, we have some pigment dyes (dust) in jars and I had two people attempt to open them. These will fly all over and make a horrible mess if opened with the jar tilted (you know how people hold jars when opening them). I told them "Don't open that" (simple and understandable, right), they replied "Don't?" as if I hadn't said it clearly enough before. And one of these people was with her friend, they were about college age, early 20's and were talking about Ipods, after I told her not to open the dye, she lowered her voice, apparently realizing I could hear her whole conversation.
Had a woman come in and chat with my boss, she was saying how she lived in one of the lower rent places in town and paid under 50% of her rent because she was low-income but "not proud or ashamed of it" because "she was looking for full-time work, and everyone was looking for part-time workers" I was thinking, well shit if you're only paying that much of your rent, wouldn't you take the job even if it was only part-time, maybe you could move up to full-time.

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