Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dana Schulps

Making up for the last 3 weeks of cops:

Las vegas, NV:
“Not your van, but you’re in the driver’s seat?”
“I’m crazy, I’ll try to run both directions if I have to”
“Anything I forgot, you’d like me to add on?”
Boise, ID:
The guy that was arrested for stalking seemed really calm for being “set up”. If I was set up, I think I’d be a little more upset.
Brevard county, FL: FTO Brad Bellflower,
Nothing illegal in the guy’s pocket, except maybe the container full of drugs, and the syringe. And he still walks to the back of the cop car with that stance that he’s so cool, at least he’s not balling his eyes out.
“That’s what happens when you ride dirty, you go to jail”

Wichita, KS: Officer Matthew Hoyt, Officer Aaron Whiteman
Riverside County, CA:
Ever notice how no one with normal families is on cops? Maybe she shouldn’t tell the cop, “If I could I’d kill him”, not a good choice of words.
Cincinatti, OH: Officer Donny Meece,
Hillsborough Country, FL: Deputy James Ennis, Deputy Gabriel Aquino,
If y’all are gonna show us the officers, at least give us names with them. it’s so mean to show a hottie and then not tell us who he is
“Like I said, crime don’t pay, right? ‘Cause everything you took, we got back, and you’re empty-handed.”
Las vegas, NV: Officer Kevin Phillipson
Could you take a little longer to tell your side of the story, lady. It seemed like she was on something, she’d talk, long pause, talk, long pause. There is something missing from their stories, she has the long pauses, he’s saying his heart is bothering him, but he doesn’t want medical attention, he repeatedly says the drugs he’s taking are all prescription, even though he states he’s a police officer in Boston.
They’ve been married a month, after one physical fight, he’s ready to give up. Of course he looks like he’s over 50, and she looks 30 or so.
Boston, MA: Trooper Jesse Sweet, Officer Marc Sullivan,
I love Trooper Sweet’s reaction when he opens the van door: “Well who’s sack of weed is this?”
And then, (I’m guessing) the people rubbernecking at the traffic stop on the side of the road cause an accident. And all the people stuck behind them start honking, people are so fucked up.
Fontana, CA:
“Once they hear that K-9 bark, and they know that there’s no hope for them.”
It’s always a nice sight, when the guy’s laying on the ground, a bunch of cops on him, crying “I give up, I give up”
“turned out to be something really good”
Wichita, KS: Officer Rob Thatcher, Officer Dustin Nail, Officer Ben Jonker
Covington, KY:

Las vegas, NV: Officer Blaine Holmes,
Hillsborough County, FL: Deputy Keith Edwards,
Oskaloosa County, FL:

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