Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who says you can't go home?

A forum that I belong to is mainly badge bunnies and I didn't realize until today how much they dislike wives of cops. Someone had said one of them was a tramp and they took offense to that, but if you know what a badge bunny is, basically, you are a tramp. Apparently last year a cop's wife came in and dissed the badge bunnies and the bunny's got mad and the fight was on. And people wonder why there's a stereotype of cops cheating on their wives, when you have a bunch of bunny's, it's not hard to figure out.
Personally, I'm not a badge bunny, I just like cops, I don't sleep with them and I don't plan to unless I happen to be dating/married to one.
I'm trying to decide whether to leave the group or not, it seems to be mostly sex talk, which is not the reason I joined. I'm not looking to talk to a bunch of people about my sex life, their sex life, or the fact that they think they're hot. I'm looking for intelligent talk, is that so much to ask for?

Also, I have this guy in my neighborhood who I was talking to awhile ago, and he was complaining about some workers working on stuff at his house in the morning when he was trying to sleep. I realized last night that he's a hypocrite, as he has a tendency to get home at 11PM and ride off on his Harley, which everyone knows is quite noisy. So I don't see how it's ok for you to make noise when other people are trying to sleep, but it's not ok when someone else is making noise when you're trying to sleep. And of course these workers didn't start working until at least 8AM or later, when normal people are up. If the guy wasn't out doing stuff all night long, he'd be awake too. I love the guy (though he doesn't know it, maybe more of a deep like, I just happen to love all the cops in my city for what they do), but a little common sense would be nice.

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Goddess said...

I'm in the same boat you are about the group. From the beginning I felt it wasn't really the right fit for me, which is why I only log on sporadically. I just get tired of the repetitive messages left by some of the people.