Thursday, June 22, 2006

In the distance

So, I was chatting with an old friend today. Ok, not that old, I've known him for about 4 yrs, and I used to run into him when I was walking home and he was going home, me one way, him the other. And he'd see me, pull over and I'd lean in his truck window and we'd chat. I miss that. I chat with him periodically when I see him and he's working, or I call him, or he pops in on AIM. But it's not the same, maybe just cause he needs/wants to keep it short cause he's working or doing something else when I call him, or because he doesn't really like sitting in front of the computer. Our chats just seem so distant lately, and it bugs me. I just wish I could go back to 4 yrs ago, and chat again. Me standing there leaning in his truck window, feeling the air conditioner blow on me, as my feet suck in the hottness of the blacktop underneath.
Sometimes, I just wanna get lost and have a cop find me. Hell, I'm lost now, but no one's looking for me.