Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To a life of shattered dreams

So, I went on a date tonight. Ice cream, walked through K-Mart, walked through Borders, and went to X-Men 3. It was fun. I learned he likes the same car I do, that he likes cars, was in the Marines 2 yrs ago. Joined the Marines to become a fighter pilot, and he thinks I'm beautiful.
I like him, but it feels more like we're friends, course that could be a good thing, my first love started out that way. When I think of someone as a potential SO first and a friend after, doesn't always work out well. But when I think of someone as a friend and then a potential SO, it's good. Like I said, my first love was that way and a friend down south, that I love to think may lead into or has lead into more.
I think I'm just confused.

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