Friday, June 23, 2006

What burns me

As they say on Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
One of the guys I work with has a bike and he rides it frequently (which is what you do if you have a bike). And he keeps saying he'll take me for a ride if he's ever in town with it, I've come to realize that he's just stringing me on when he says that, it's never gonna happen. Anyway, he comes in and says "Guess what I did last night/this weekend?" Not a hard guess, and then he goes on to tell me in detail about his rides and stuff about his bike. And it just drives me nuts. I don't get to ride often and, that doesn't bother me as much as someone shoving it in my face that they ride a lot. Sometimes I just wanna AAARRGGHHH!!!
I understand that I can't rub stuff in people's faces (that's just rude), I know how much it bugs Karli that she can't ride, so I don't mention the bikes I see on my walks or if I have a potential ride. I don't see the need to make her feel bad because she can't ride. Cause I know she misses riding her bike.
I think I've also become content not to ride (unless someone shoves it in my face when they come into the library). I'm very content to go on my walks and oogle at the hott guys, the sweet cars, and the nice bikes. As long as I get out and enjoy the weather, I'm fine. Yeah, I'm kinda bummed that I really haven't been able to break my helmet in too well (I've only used it twice since I bought it), but I'm ok with that.

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