Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, shit

OK, so if you've been a reader for the past couple of days, you will have noticed that I deleted my last entry complaining about my brother not following directions in the present I wanted for my birthday. Today, I found out there was a reason he didn't follow directions. My mother, some time while we were in Chicago, wondered off and bought the shirt I wanted. So, I'm not annoyed with him anymore. It's kind of wierd that my mom bought it, since she's the one that said I should tell Ross (my brother) that I wanted it. Especially since I'm pretty (almost positive) sure she hates the fact that I love motorcycles and riding them. She's only recently kinda happy about the helmet I bought in September.
So, we all know my parents are great at upsetting me, mostly my mom, but my dad's been doing it lately too. Today, particularly, I returned a call to him, and he was complaining about the fact that I was out walking instead of helping him move furniture, well one he waited until the last minute to do this, as my parents are leaving for a trip mighty early Sat morning, and tomorrow after work, they have to pack and all that other shit. And, this is the first time I'd heard that he needed/wanted my help moving crap. And the thing that upset me is, I told him he'd have to get more gas for the mower if he wanted me to mow while they were gone, and he said he wouldn't have time to do it tonight, and that I should do it. I really don't have a problem with that, except that I'm only mowing the yard for them, I personally don't give a shit if it doesn't get mowed. And plus our agreement was that I mowed and he got gas. But of course since he waited til the last minute to do this crap before leaving he throws it on me, and somehow it's my fault.
Oh, and I should be cleaning my apartment right now, as the pest control guy is coming tomorrow afternoon to spray the place, and if any of y'all know me, I'm a very messy person, well not so much messy, as lazy. I like to sit in my recliner and dump stuff on the floor around me, and as long as I can walk through it, I'm fine.
And the reason this is labeled "Well, shit" is cause I noticed as I'm sitting here on the floor eating my supper of Tostino's pizza Rolls and Mtn Dew, I somehow have rug burn on my elbow. Where the hell did that come from. And I apparently developed a blister right under the meeting of my big toe, and the one next to it. As if I have enough problems walking barefoot as it is.

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