Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stupid teeth

OK, the whole reason I started this was so I could complain about my teeth, which have been bothering me since Sat. A blog is all about one's view on things or just to complain/vent. Well, my other blog, I'm 100% sure my parents read, and it's not that I hide stuff from them (OK, I do), but they get overly worried about me and certain stuff, and while I know it's nice to have someone worried about me, sometimes it just feels smothering.
So, now that I'm done explaining, back to my teeth. Sat and Sun way back in the back of my mouth by my molars, the gums were swollen and painful on the left side, so I thought maybe my wisdom teeth were coming in (as they hadn't already, and I knew I only had top ones coming in), but I didn't really wanna bother with a dentist (cause I really don't like dentists or doctors) unless stuff got really annoying, well, Monday, they were still kinda painful. So, Tuesday, when I woke up, it almost felt like my tongue was swollen and I was having a hard time swallowing (which made me think, either it was really bad or something else), so I called the dentist Tues afternoon and made an appt on Thurs, to see if it was wisdom teeth and then get a referral to an oral surgeon, if so. Well, Tues night, I'm poking at the gums, cause it really felt like there was something lodged in there (and pretty well, considering I do brush everyday with one of those electric toothbrushes), so I guess it finally got lodged out, and then it started bleeding, which I decided wasn't too good, as I don't bleed in the mouth usually and if so, it's a tiny bit, well, I was getting a nice mouthful of blood, that lasted maybe about 10 min or so, not that long, but seemed like a long time. And then it stopped, Wed when I woke up, my tongue and throat felt the same, and when I brushed my teeth I bumped my gums again, and they started bleeding again, but very little. And then today, I cancelled my appt, cause it was a little close to the time I had to be at work (didn't have enough time in-between) and everything feels fine today. Wierd, huh?

Also, to mention health stuff, now it really sounds like I'm just complaining about health, but if you know me, I don't usually complain unless it's really wierd. So, I go on about 2 mi walks as often as I can, and if it's not obnoxiously hot. So, yesterday finally talked myself off my ass to go on my walk. I was walking my normal pace and had to cut my walk short, cause I was having the hardest time catching my breath, also focusing my eyes. It kinda felt like I was trying really hard to keep myself standing up, that if I stopped, I'd stumble and fall. Now, that's never happened to me. But after sitting awhile and enjoying the breeze, I was ok. Very wierd.

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