Friday, January 11, 2019

More food

Today I woke up, got my stuff ready for work and went in to work, only to find out they didn't need me. I got some more training and then my boss told me she over scheduled so if I wanted to go home, I could. So I went shopping.
My first stop was HyVee I was looking for their bagels, I didn't find any, but have you seen these?
 Peanut butter Ding Dongs and Twinkies? I was tempted to try them, but I have a bunch of food already and it's mostly sweets.
I also saw this:
 I didn't read the sign very well, I thought $4 was a bit much for a shell. I see now it's solid. I didn't find anything to buy, so I headed over to JoAnns. I really wanted to buy something, but couldn't find anything.
I found this obnoxiously confusing sign, though:
 It's hanging in front of the Mrs. Sparkle & Co. The sign specifically says Excludes Ms Sparkle & Co $1.99 embellishments.
I headed over to the Salvation Army, but didn't feel like using my debit card for $4 of stuff. I guess it really does help to not carry cash.
Next was Hobby Lobby, I was looking for a little something extra for my Valentine's swaps.
I was saddened with the Valentine's selection.
 stickers, dino ornament, stickers, pick, magnet, miniatures.
The stickers, and Valentine's stuff was 40% off. The Christmas stuff was 90% off. I thought the word stickers would be cute on things. I was also looking for something pink, so I picked up the dinosaur ornament. I found a few Valentine's things, the felt animal stickers (mostly for the unicorn that you can't see), the heart shaker stickers and the mini unicorn pieces. The cashier rang up the sparkly hearts as Valentine's Day, but they were with the stickers. I really thought the cat stickers were cute, and the sticker book matches a collection of project life cards I have. I picked up the magnet because it was cute, it was 40% off, too. I figured I could cut the stick off the cupcake and use it for something else. I spent about $24.
Last stop was a local Asian food store. I haven't been to one in a long time, most of the time I have no idea what I'm getting, I just pick up stuff that looks interesting.
 corn snack, husband cakes, butterfly crackers.
I've had this corn snack in a pink bag, that was strawberry flavored. The husband cakes looked interesting, they are. They're kind of like a puff pastry and I'm not exactly sure what's inside, it looks like red bean paste, but doesn't taste as sweet. I totally picked up the butterfly crackers for the purple sweet potato cookie rolls, there were two packages in the box, I haven't tried them yet.
 jelly drink, taro mochi, Beijing wheat flour cake, Qingke Mahua.
I've had the jelly drinks before, they're really good. I realized when I got home, I could take one for each day I'm at the bookstore. I've had the taro mochi as well, it's really good. Last time I bought some, I kept them so long they got hard, I will try harder this time. The wheat cakes were also weird, they have a filling I think it's dates, but doesn't taste as strong. I have no idea what the other one is, it wasn't very sweet until the end, it was kinda boring. I spent about $27.
I went home and had lunch and tried everything.
I put together a favorite animal tag:
 and a favorite color of pink tag:
This is why I was looking for pink things and picked up the dinosaur ornament and the sparkly pink heart stickers. And then I decided to just send this keychain that I already had. I included the tissues, a unicorn paper bag and some stickers in the keychain. I felt bad about sending something so boring (the keychain) for the tag, but we have to send something new, and that's all I had, so I included extras. I figured the person I was sending to might not appreciate the dinosaur, and I don't like just sending stickers.

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