Saturday, May 26, 2018

It's another one

I have been sucked into watching videos about tiny houses and trucks, buses, vans being made into houses. I don't know why, I think I kinda wish I could do that, but I know in my heart I will never be a minimalist. Every year I go and get rid of a bunch of stuff and then I look around my apartment and feel it's empty and I buy more stuff. I try to use my crafty stuff instead of buying more and then I watch shopping hauls (I actually unsubbed from a bunch of Youtube channels that only seemed to post haul videos) and I want what they have, even though I KNOW my stores won't get the really interesting stuff in.
Sunday: I got up late, did my laundry and kind of ignored the world, which felt great after getting so annoyed at it the day before.
Monday: I got a lot of things ready to mail.
Favorites tag, stationary sets and owls:
 Igrab of religious notecards:
 Unicorn tag:
 Unicorn tag:
 Candy bag tag:
 A private swap of me sending out planner stuff:
 Butterfly swap:
 And I got my Peachy Cheap grab bag:
 There's two pens, some paper pads, stickers, rub ons, die cuts, clear stamps, glitter, wooden pieces, a rubber stamp, washi.
It also included a bag full of planner stuff:
clear stamps, star sequins, vellum pocket, corck stickers, die cuts, stickers, rubber piece, paper clip, journaling cards.
My schedule changes the first week of June and today was my last Monday night.
Tuesday: Finished more things to mail
Orange happy mail:
Letter H:
 I wanted to go another place, but all I could really think about was hearts, I included the two coloring pages of hot air balloons and honey as well.
Wednesday: I had to go in early for a meeting, and then worked an extra hour because we were a little short handed. As I was leaving my parents called and we registered for a few things on our trip. When I got home and saw the email, it was about as much as transportation might cost. I've already spent about $300 and we haven't even left yet. So, I got home late and everything was later than I expected on Wednesday, before I knew it, it was 9:00.
Thursday: I went shopping with my friend. We went to Goodwill:
 Sadly that black graphic tee on the left was too small.
Found a few crafting items:
 I needed a new black dye ink pad.
We also went to a local organic store where I got a ton of chocolate.
When I got home, I found some happy mail.
I hate that people keep sending me religious things, whatever happened to asking someone if they want religious item?
Butterfly swap:
Went to work, when I got home, I was exhausted and basically passed out.
Friday: I talked myself out of going garage saleing (probably a bad idea because Saturday's supposed to be 93 degrees)
Found some happy mail on my way to work,
Red happy mail:
 Happy mail:
 Letter G:
 collectors tag for books:
 junk journal supplies:
 green happy mail:
 And my Lollipop box came in the mail:
Normal Friday at work except we're still working out the glitches on our new self check software. And then it started pouring and hailing as soon as we were all about to go home.
Saturday: Walked 4.13 miles and spent $14,
I saw these cute minion guys at the first sale:
 But, I wasn't going to spend $25 or lug it home.
I did find a bunch of stickers, though:
 I needed some summer stickers for a swap, so I bought 4 sheets of those flip flops, plus the ones behind it and the 'cooling off' sheet in the top row. I admit I bought the rest because they were cute.
 Same reason I bought these, but really, how do you pass up Hello Kitty and hamsters?
 I also found a bunch of gift bags that I picked up because I never have the right size when I need one.
 Loved the snowflakes and stars, figured I could use them for future swaps. I also picked up a bag of holiday cards.
 The rest of the holiday cards. I asked a few of my co-workers how they felt about receiving them, and they said they liked them, so garage sales are the way to go with them.
I found a bag of lace at the second sale:
There's a couple trims that I don't want, but the rest of the lace is gorgeous. I had planned to hit three sales, but as I was walking to the third one I saw a sign for another one, so I took a turn and then realized I wasn't interested and was tired. When I got home I realized I walked 4.13 miles, it was about the 4 mile mark when I decided I was tired, plus the temps were in the 80's. I was soaked with sweat when I got home. Took a cold shower, that felt so good, I went out later to a friend's open house and relaxed in the cool for the rest of the day.

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