Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekly Update

Sunday: I got swaps ready to mail.
June calendar tag:
I totally forgot I had to make this. I saw the watermelon paper and went from there.
 SMS pink:
I know I could have found just one thing and sent it, but I kinda wanted to raid my stash, there's embossed paper, journaling cards and some washi samples.
 SMS crafty:
This is crafty to me.
 Sticky notes:
I also worked a bunch on the flipbook further down. I've also been working on a huge 600 page book about first ladies.
Monday: I got some more stuff together to mail.
 Letter G:
I couldn't think of a G item, I actually went through the dictionary, and finally decided on glitter. I got tired of waiting on a person who lives in the US to appear, so I tagged someone in Slovenia. I kept going back and tweaking this, I hope it's not too thick and is considered a letter. That's cheaper, plus no customs form.
 Red happy mail:
Here's the flipbook I was talking about, head on over to my other blog to see the rest of it.
I received a bunch of happy mail.
 Igrab cute sticky notes:
This is from another country as well. I love that they are elephants, I'm planning to ask for something elephant in the future for an upcoming project.
And the cute envelope it came in:
I love that people decorate their envelopes. I'm trying to do better at decorating mine. There was discussion about whether or not people keep the neat looking envelopes. I might have to.
Letter E:
Again with the elephants. Not too excited about the western stuff, but I appreciate the extras
 And the cute envelope it came in:
I love the snail, I might just tear that out and throw away the envelope.
Pencil pouch:
I actually really like this one, I am weird and different, but I don't need another pencil pouch, I have a bit too many.
I have been way too lazy lately, I'm mostly on my couch, I need to get off my ass and exercise. I went to a garage sale about 3 blocks from me on Friday morning, I talked myself out of going to more on Saturday because I was afraid it would rain on me. I'm thinking about walking to the mall tomorrow, because even though I want to save money for the trip, I want to go to TJ Maxx and see if they have anything interesting.
I went in late to work because I had to take floating holiday time, so work was shorter than usual, though it felt a lot longer.
Tuesday: No Idea what I did. Other than making a pocket letter for a tag:
 The person said she liked quotes, so I went through all my project life cards and took out nine I thought had good quotes. I already had the background made up.
Wednesday: I had an meeting at work, so had to go in a little earlier, went grocery shopping on the way home.
I saw this cereal, and considered buying it:
 Though, I bet it tastes a lot like fruit loops, plus it was kinda expensive for the smaller box.
Also bought a bunch of mint chocolate ice cream things.
 How is it that these two items cost the same? $2.99, and as I've already eaten the sandwich cookie which was good but slightly messy, I apparently like my stuff way mintier than people make it.
Had a couple tags I put together.
This is for stationery and envelopes:
 These are junk journal supplies tags:
 I totally did two.
 Though this time, I kept them smaller, I've also decided to not do this again in the future. The last time I signed up for it, I sent a ton of interesting stuff to one person and the person who sent to me didn't send a lot. I'm realizing that people like to keep things flatter so they don't have to spend much money on postage, it's kind of disappointing.
Thursday: I had to take another floating holiday. I got some happy mail, though.
A pink and gold pocket letter:
 Unfortunately there was no letter, so it's not actually a pocket letter and that was one of the requirements to include.
A Letter D tag:
So, I get the dog sticky notes, but how are hand shaped paperclips a "D" item?
I also cleaned up a bit in my crafty area. Instead of throwing things away, I put them in priority mail bubble envelopes, then I posted I was looking to swap them with people in this new group I joined. People want me to take pictures and only have it be paper stuff. That's too much work, it's good stuff, I'm just not going to use it. It can wait to swap with someone, or I could just send them out as RAKs. Sometimes pleasing people is too much work.
Friday: I went to the mall and walked home to hit a garage sale. First up was Walmart:
Picked up the flip flops cause I needed new ones, they were about $10, again I'm practicing the buy a thing of tape every time I go to Walmart (because Hobby Lobby has not had the 8 pack any time I've gone back) for about $6. I also picked up these two fruit snacks for $0.75 each. I spent about $19. I was very disappointed in Walmart. I was looking for some more leggings, but apparently they are all mid rise capris, why is it so hard to have high rise in things? I have this same issue when I go pants shopping. Also, was looking for a more coverage bralette, because apparently my girls like to pop out of the cute lacy ones that are triangle cut. And the clearance aisle was sad as well, I haven't been impressed with it since the first time I went. I'm thinking I really don't need to go to that Walmart anymore.
Again, nothing else interesting in out mall. The Younkers is looking emptier, though I didn't go in because there is nothing I want in there.
 Last stop in the mall was TJ Maxx, I keep going back looking for those unicorn cards I didn't get once, I don't think I'll see them again.
 I did find this wicked cute cactus bag. It was a bit more expensive than I would pay for $7.99, it was in the kids section last time I was there, so I was surprised it was still there. And I picked up food, the baklava was $3.99 and the cookies $2.
 I also picked up some gift bags. The flamingo, pineapple and cactus were a 3 set that came with tissue paper for $3.99. I thought it would be fun to create a tropical file folder pocket letter with the cactus and flamingo. The gumball one was on clearance for $1.50, whether I will actually use it as a gift bag, I don't know. I never seem to have any around when I need them. The card was also $1.50, I liked the graphic on it. I spent about $23.
I went a little late to the mall than I normally would because this sale I wanted to go to started at 11, so I walked home and found another one (that totally looked like they just popped up because of the first one)
 Does anyone else have this problem? I look out for things other people collect and start collecting them myself. My boss collects elephants, so every time I see a cute one, I pick it up. I couldn't pass up another pencil bag. And a word search, I spent $1.10 here.
This is the one I really wanted to go to:
 It boasted vintage linens and fabric. I picked up the vintage linen pieces and this cute Santa, total was $5.50.
I was really shopping for Unicorn, Orange, Letter H, Letter I, Sloth and Rainbow items for some upcoming tags in my new group. So, after getting home, and having lunch, I went to visit my downtown stores.
I found these cute wristlets at a local store
 And this wicked cute teapot set:
 It was $30.
I also found this one:
 But, it was $10.
So, after not finding anything downtown, I headed over to Hobby Lobby:
 Everything I picked up was from the clearance section. I had bought a fabric pennant set a couple weeks ago, thought these yo yos would perk it up. I picked up the popsicle tags for when letter P comes around. The other tags had a unicorn and llama tags. I really liked these sea stickers and the butterfly and this is the third time I've seen the housemouse stamp, so I finally picked it up. I spent about $12.
And I didn't find what I wanted.
Saturday: I opened at the library, and it was a good day with people, until I checked my facebook messenger on my break. I had a message from someone asking if I had gotten a 50 loose stickers tag from the UK yet. I told her no, under the impression that she mailed it back in April. Turns out she had just mailed in this past Wednesday, stuff from the UK usually takes a week to get here, I'm lucky if US stuff takes two days. So, again I learned you can't take people's words when they say they've mailed things.
I was really excited about this new group when I joined, I signed up for a bunch of tags (you tag the person ahead of you and send them something specific to the theme), and mailed out a bunch of mail. I'm still waiting on things from the US that were supposed to be mailed in April. In the rules it says to contact admin if you haven't received something two weeks past the mailing date, I've done that when the person sending to me posts that they are mailing late, the response I got was "some people mail late". I again tried to contact admin about stuff I haven't received yet and haven't gotten any response back, I've also tried when I noticed that someone who was supposed to send to me had left the group, also no response. I realize there are tons of people in the group (at least 900), but when you specifically say we're supposed to contact you after a certain time of not receiving the least you could do is say I'll check on it instead of just ignoring it. I've majorly cut down on what I've decided to participate in and it saddens and makes me happy. Saddens because I want to participate, but I've it seems some people never post that they sent stuff out. Happy because I'm participating in more of what I want, but I really like mail.
I know I keep complaining on facebook and my friends get annoyed about it, but it's soo annoying. Why sign up for things if you can't follow through. Why make rules if you're not going to enforce them. It's so mean to the person who's supposed to be receiving items.
I did get some happy mail,
Sticky notes:
 June calendar tag:
This is another example of people posting they will mail on a certain date and not doing it. My partner originally said she was mailing on May 11th and then sent me a picture that she mailed on May 17th.
So after being annoyed by people in messenger I was kinda pissed for the rest of the day. I wish I knew how to make myself less annoyed with the world. I thought buying a pop would help, sadly it didn't taste as good as I wanted it to be. My co-worker suggested that i have one every once in awhile and not all the time, as I'm trying to drink more water and less pop. Some days I'm really thirsty and I drink a lot of water, some days not so much and I don't. I was planning to go down to Dollar Tree, Target and Walmart for more searching of the above subjects but it rained Saturday afternoon. I went out to supper with my parents and then we tried to plan our vacation.
I don't know why I expect my parents to be different, they've been this way all my life, it's never going to change. So, they had called me about going on a trip to St Louis at the beginning of July, said they figured they had a seat available on a van going there, my dad had a conference and they had two queen beds in their room. After getting vacation at the library, and getting all excited and planning stuff out, my mom tells me yesterday that it will cost $125 for transportation up there. Very annoying, don't tell me until you have me committed to it. She had offered to buy me some new sandals for my early birthday present and I said I thought the trip was my birthday present and that's when they told me about the transportation cost. And they said, we'll see about the trip being your present. I didn't mean they need to pay for everything on the trip, I just figured transportation and room costs. My mom asked what I had in my vacation budget. The reason I don't go on vacation (partly) is because I don't have money for vacation, which of course my parents will say, you need to find a better paying job then, or my mother will say something about getting more money at the library. My co worker at the library said she has three degrees yet she can't find a job that doesn't offer her more than $10/hour. It's not just me. I'd love to just stay where I am and get more money, but my supervisors and some co workers are always pushing me to apply for the next position up, I don't want more responsibility, I like where I am.

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