Sunday, May 13, 2018

Weekly update

Sunday: I went shopping, see this post to see what I bought. I believe my best purchase was the minion pillowcases, I get excited everytime I walk into my bedroom and see them.
Monday: I got some happy mail,
A bookmark:
 A pen pack:
 My boss said she was going to change my schedule up a bit at the library, I'm game for it, change is good.
Tuesday: I put in an order on April 28 at Hollar and I got it.
It gets me every time, though I still have not learned to read the descriptions, oh well. I'm sure everything will get used, so I'm not worried.
 cocoa pie regular and banana for $1 each, composition book for $1, unicorn diecuts $2, mini gift bag $0.50, mason jar memo pad $2, pen pack $2, Milkita honeydew melon milkshake candy $2.
The unicorn diecuts are what I didn't read the description on, I thought they'd be smaller, they measure 9 inches, I find them huge.
zipper pineapple plush $3, pink monster $2, two ty insulated cups and beauty sets $3 each, narwhal keychain $2, I also bought a pair of lace bralettes for $4.
I only bought the pineapple because I wanted a different one that sold out, but this guy is kinda cool, I only wish he had a keychain to attach him to something. I also didn't read the description for the cups, I thought you were getting the two Ty beanie babies in them as well as the beauty sets. I'm sure I'll find someone to pass them on to. I couldn't pass up the narwhal, again if I had read the description I'd realized he was so small.
Also, received some happy mail, a magnet:
My parents texted me asking to call them about a trip. They're going to St. Louis around my birthday and asked if I wanted to go along. I don't have to pay for getting there or a hotel room, my boss approved my vacation because it's during a holiday week. I'm so excited. I can't remember the last time I was able to have a whole week of vacation, I wanna say when we went to Hawaii about 8 years ago. I'm attempting not to spend money on stuff until then, that's about 2 months. This does not include garage sales because that money is already out of my banking account.
Wednesday: I mailed stuff:
a pink and gold pocket letter:
 Y and Z alphabet tags:
 Letter F: flamingo tag:
 Pencil bag:
 And a Crazy 8 (you send 8 of 8 different items to your partner, I chose paperclips, clothespins, pieces of ribbon, project life cards, stickers, tags, buttons and stacks of sticky notes) swap:
Sadly, I didn't get any mail.
Thursday: went to lunch and our local gardens for Mother's Day early to avoid the crowds. Friday, it's free, Saturday and Sunday there's a plant sale and Sunday is Mother's Day, plus it's supposed to rain all weekend.
Saw a dove:
 And a massive swarm of ants:
 They had these moving sculptures throughout, these were in the lake and they looked like they were dancing in the wind:
 Also, the tulips were still open:

 This one was called a wave cloud:
 Saw these two flowerpots with some random pansies in them. My grandmother (who passed away last year) really liked pansies, so they made me think of her:

 Found these cute items in the gift store, the pen is a sloth, the butterflies are sticky notes:
 Also, this cute container. I remember rolls of stamps were used in these:
 I received some happy mail,
Letter C tag:
 Sticker sheets tag:
Friday: I woke up early and went to a sale. Here's what I picked up:
 writing set with matching envelopes, and some more writing paper. I also picked up a package of cards (all the cards at the bottom) it just said varied cards, as I opened them and looked at them I realized they are religious cards. That annoys me to no end, they are all religious cards. I know it was only $1, but still is it that hard to write that on the package? I'm not sure what I'll do with them. I'll be keeping the one on the bottom far right. There's only one little religious bit on it, I figure I can cover it up with a sticker.
The Happy Birthday cupcake was at their last sale and I was kicking myself for not picking it up. They are both boxes, I thought it would be fun to fill them up for birthdays. I'll probably fill the Happy Birthday one for my mother, I haven't figured if I'll do treats or crafty stuff. 
Work was weirdly crazy, a busy Friday but other strange things happening.
Saturday: I planned to get up and go to some garage sales and the Farmer's Market, but the sky was overcast and I didn't feel like getting caught in the rain (of course it didn't rain). I was a slacker all day. I got some happy mail,
Y & Z tags:
 Not too excited about the religious aspect my partner added.
A Crazy 8 swap:

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