Sunday, May 06, 2018

shopping time

I counted out, it's been 17 days since I visited Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree. That's pretty good. Of course every time I get home, I realize there's something else I didn't look at and have to go back in the future. A bit over half a month without visiting the stores and spending money is good.
I had to go to Walmart for tape and bubble mailers, I thought I'd go to Dollar Tree first in case there was stuff I could get there and not at Walmart, and of course I always go to Target because these three stores are pretty close together.
How cute are these fruity gift bags I found at Dollar Tree?
 They are sets of two, one is the fruity one, the other is stripes, they measure 8x10.5x4.5, so a pretty good size. I totally picked up the watermelon one.
 I wanted to get all the fruity bags but I don't need gift bags, actually I should have picked up all of them, I never seem to have a gift bag when I give out my explosion boxes for people.  Oh well. I settled on the watermelon one. A reusable tote bag with cameras, one of the tags in my new group was reusable tote bags, so I picked this one up in case there was another one in the future. Silver gift bags, I was going to use one of these with something in the next picture, fill it up with goodies and give it to my friend for a college graduation gift. Stickers. I finally found the cacti ones, so I picked up all 5 packages they had. I'm sure I already have this set, but they're so cute. I couldn't pass up these two.
 I picked up the card for a future unicorn tag, I've already made it into a different card. Wicker Man DVD this is the newest version with Nicholas Cage, I've seen it before but the library doesn't have it, so I've been wanting to see it again. A set of notecards cause I always need those. The foil stuff is fringe for poster boards, I thought it would be neat to attach it to the silver bags above. Sandwich cookies, they're ok, they're like cookies with chocolate frosting inside. A unicorn magnet, because why not? A flamingo for a future letter F tag. A box covered in elephant paper, my boss who likes elephants has a birthday coming up.
Saw these cute little magnets with real succulents in them:
 I wanted to buy one, but I doubt they'd live long in my house.
Also was surprised to see these MAMBI stickers at Walmart:
 That one that's priced at $12.82, I believe are the ones you see at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's for $19.99 or $29.99. I wanted to buy it, but as the other stores I can't talk myself into paying that much for a set of stickers where there are some I'd definitely not use.
More MAMBI stuff:
 Not entirely sure that set on the right was MAMBI, but still cute.
Here's what I bought:
 flour sack towels, I needed more of these, $4.34, bubble mailers $4.88, Oreo bars (cause they were king size for $1, Target has regular size for $0.89, so great deal) $1 each, and my tape runners $5.84 each. I spent the most here ($31.61) for the least amount of items.
I didn't need anything at Target, but since I was down there I went, I wanted to basically just check out their dollar spot and clearance section.
Found this cute set:
 And these:
 I think they're trying to compare to those big sets at Micheal's and Hobby Lobby.
Also found this shaped confetti:
 And this one:
 I don't use confetti, but I thought people might be interested. Here's what I picked up:
Tim Tams in regular and caramel, I put back some chocolate bars to get these, they were $3.19 each. Sparkling ice water for $1 each, I wanted some water by that time and these are really good even though they are warm. Despicable Me pillow cases for $2.98 each, LOVE these. I got three because one of my pillows is longer than a regular pillow and requires two cases. I put them on my pillows when I got home, and I'm loving the look of them. I have blue sheets, a pink comforter and a green comforter on my bed, so they don't really match, but sometimes I get tired of being so grown up everywhere. A pineapple figure, this is for my desk it was $1.

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