Sunday, June 03, 2018

Lots of Stamps

Sunday: I had to work a local graduation. It was pretty uneventful except for the lady pounding on the doors right before we opened because "it's hot" We all knew that, if she had started pounding earlier I feel she would have been very disappointed. Do people not realize that we can't open until everyone inside is ready? Also that most of the time, doors will open an hour before the event started? I also had a lady try to bring a big bag of food in. There was a concession stand open (which doesn't usually happen for non-athletic events) so we weren't letting in food. She told me "she didn't know" and "don't you let food in at the fames?" Yes, we have stricter rules for things that people don't pay for.
I left at 2:30 and it was 97 degrees when I left. I believe we hit 100 degrees. May is not even over yet and we've hit the triple digits.
I felt very unaccomplished. I got my laundry done, but that was about it.
Monday: I didn't go out of the house. I just didn't see the need to go out in the heat. I put together a few swaps to mail out.
I made this card for a co-worker:
 She's leaving us to go chase butterflies.
A sticker tag:
 A surprise tag:
A soft tag:
 I also watched We Are Soldiers and wasted time doing other things.
Tuesday: I had to go to the Dollar Tree to pick up some essentials and Walmart for a few things. I may have pushed myself a bit, going out in 80+ heat without water, oh well
Dollar Tree:
 The essentials, body wash, sun block, toothpaste, snack bags, ibuprofen, air fresheners, loofahs, deodorant. The body wash was the main reason I had to go, mine was pretty much empty. Sunblock, ibuprofen, a loofah and a body wash for my upcoming trip. I decided to just buy a loofah and take it with me for the trip, it's easier when taking a shower. I didn't see the point of having small travel size stuff, it's not like we're flying. My apartment smells a little stale some times, there's not a lot of air movement, so I picked up some air fresheners, one is especially for my coat closet. The snack bags are to keep goodies together when I get them in swaps.
 stickers, mug, toothbrush holder, magnet, list pad, pens
I don't think I have these stickers, but I might. I had to pick up the mug because it has owls, plus it's huge. I love picking up the frog toothbrush holders at Dollar Tree, they work great for wand and pen holders, too. The list pad is for the clipboard above. I've seen people hauling these pens and I could not pass them up. I did pass up the unicorn keychains and a few other things.
Next I stopped by Target, I didn't find anything to buy. that might be a first for me. I needed some pajamas for the trip, the lowest they went was $12, and that was a clearance pair. I knew Walmart had separates for $5 each, I almost bought some cards just to buy something, but I put them back.
Last up was Walmart.
chocolate, keys
I probably picked up too much food, but most of it (except the Reese's) was under $2. The Reese's was not worth the money, sadly. I picked up the keys for a future tag.
 Here's my pajamas, I also picked up a bralette, some fiskars trimmer blades and tape.
This pair was on clearance for $9 and then rang up at $7, so much better deal than Target. I need to replace some of my bralettes that I've had for years, this version is only about $5 at Walmart, I find them extremely comfortable. I actually prefer bralettes over bras. I noticed my trimmer blade wasn't working very good yesterday and price checked between Walmart and Hobby Lobby, Walmart was $4, Hobby Lobby was $5.99, I keep finding more of my basic supplies cheaper at Walmart, which is fine, every time I go to Hobby Lobby I buy a bunch of stuff that I'm slow at using. I'm also trying to pick up a pack of tape every time I got to Walmart, I can't run out that way.
I was supposed to pick up some more bus tickets and milk on my way home, but I was so exhausted that I skipped those. There's always Wednesday.
I found some happy mail waiting for me.
50 stickers:
 Bugs and blossoms:
 a personal destash swap:
 red, white and blue pocket letter:
I spent the rest of the day getting more swaps ready to mail.
Altered clipboard:
Rainbow happy mail:
 Letter I tag:
 Surprise tag:
As I was settling down and eating my supper we got this fun hailstorm:
The hail was falling every which way, I could hear it slamming into my door. You can see all the tiny leaves and branches it took out of the tree. I totally believe if you got hit by any of it, you could have been seriously hurt.
Wednesday: Went to work, post office and grocery store, nothing special there. Finished two movies, started a book.
Thursday: I woke up pissed at the world. The last dream I was having, I was at a buffet restaurant and nothing was going my way, first they ran out of food and when they got more, they didn't have any clean plates, I was with my family and they wanted to leave and I just wanted more food.
Wednesday while I was at work, one of my coworkers invited another one out to lunch, and then I see pictures of three of them out doing a painting class today, and I saw pictures of others having a birthday get together on facebook a few weeks ago. I want that. I want that many good friendships at my work that we can go out and do things, I wish I knew how to get it.
I got a few more swaps ready to mail.
Igrab religious notecards:
 Igrab coloring sheets:
 Winner takes all, stamped images:
 Thursday night, I saw all these launchpads just waiting for us to put them on the shelf:
 I received some happy mail,
50 loose stickers:
 There are so many cute ones in there.
SMS bright:
 I love that notebook.
Youtube produced Thunderstruck by AC/DC to me and it made my heart sing, it really touched me. I think I need more of AC/DC in my life.
Friday: I had off because I worked Saturday, I had to leave late for sales, as one I wanted to go to, didn't start until 10.
 First sale, i didn't find anything, the second sale was the one that started at 10. It was so hard to see that it was a garage sale, there was a really long driveway, but everything was in the garage, you'd think it was raining, they way they had it all arranged in there.
 2 vintage calendars, a pom pom pig, and a keychain, total spent was 20 cents.
Saw this cool trunk at the third sale:

a couple scotcheroos, a mushroom, a bookmark and there was a bottle of water, but I drank it, total spent here $4.25
 Fourth sale, there was a bunch of stamps and I only picked them up for my new group on facebook, I'm hoping to trade them out. There were two bundles, she wanted $7.50 for all of them, I didn't want to spend that much, so she gave me the larger one for $5, it had 72 packets of stamps in it.
 a book and stamps, total spent $5.50
Fifth sale:
Apparently I'm into cupcakes, now. This one is a box as well, again thinking about filling it up with gifts for someone's birthday, also a tiny dragon, total spent here 50 cents.
The last two sales didn't have anything interesting. One was just one I saw a sign for and as I was walking in to the garage, the guy was sitting there smoking a cigarette, nope. The last one, the lady was talking to a couple when I came in and when they left, she totally ignored me and got on her phone. I think that's rude. You want me to buy something, pay attention to me.
After taking a long afternoon break, my friend and I headed downtown to the local artwalk. I saw this beautiful Mustang:
 Also found a cute snail flower pot:
 And this cute hedgehog and mushroom:
 Here's what I picked up:
 The sloth is a card, that was my first purchase, it was in our chocolate shop. I love the style of it. I really wanted something earlier in the week for a sloth tag on my facebook group, but couldn't find anything, I'll just hold on to this. The black/blue print was from a studio where anyone could take their artwork, there was a pile that said take one that speaks to you. And our last stop had this beautiful Easy Rider print. It's airbrushed, they guy had a lot of neat prints, I wanted a couple of skeletons as well, but I don't need an art print, let alone three and I don't have a place for them. The two 'waffles' are from a local grocery store, my friend needed to go there, so I tagged along.
Saturday: I opened at the library, it was fine. I had a couple pieces of happy mail when I came home
Pocket letter:
 How beautiful is this? She said in her note she knew I liked mermaids so she went that route. I LOVE IT. I wanna just keep staring at it.
50 Loose stickers:
 I'm not sure this person was supposed to send to me, but oh well. Very cute stickers.
I finished the day tackling some swaps I needed to get done.
Red, White and Blue pocket letter:
 And a birthday card for my boss:
It's an envelope one, she likes elephants, so I put a few in it.

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