Saturday, September 09, 2017

garage sale

My co-worker was having a moving sale yesterday, it was my bright light at the end of the tunnel for this week.
Here's what I bought:
 The bag has some Peanuts figurines in it, that was basically why I bought it. The elephant was $1, as was the bronze owl. The blue owl was 50 cents.
 I figured I could use these little envelopes to put goodies in the back of pocket letters. I love the green and the santa washi, the chevron I might send out a sample in my ugly washi swap on facebook. I love wooden pieces, these birdhouses were too cute to pass up.
 This bag was $9, it's a gallon size bag. I got out about a sandwich size of what I wanted to keep. I'll probably send the rest out in swaps.
 Most of her paper was double sided, which I can never find (or I just don't want to pay for). The stars are actually gingerbread cookies, there are a bunch of recipes on the paper, the other side had a gingerbread person and recipes. The second paper on the top and the first paper on the bottom, I thought would be great for Christmas. The last paper on the top is a green pattern. The second paper on the bottom is a bunch of blue tags. The last paper on the bottom, I thought would be great for Valentine's day.
 The first paper on the top has a bird outline on it. The second one is a bunch of rotary telephones. The third one is hearts. The first one on the bottom is strips. I bought three copies of the book paper. The last one has a brown tree that is flocked.
 I bought two sheets of the 'sewing pattern' paper. The second and third look like they go together. I love the travel theme of the first one on the bottom. I picked up the second one for the cooking theme. The last one has a travel theme as well.
I ended up spending $19, I think it was a good purchase. Though, as I said on my facebook group, I need to stop buying and start creating.
When I got home, I found a couple interesting things in my mailbox.
Book washi:
 and a When I grow up pocket letter:
I was so ready for the end of the week, I'm also excited to get back to my normal schedule at the library next week. It was only a 3 day week for me, but it was exhausting. I fell asleep around 9:30 watching Youtube, so I just went to bed.

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