Saturday, June 10, 2017

shopping hauls

I *needed* some replacement metallic gel pens, so I went to Target where I picked them up the first time. Of course they didn't have them, they only had a pack or metallic, neon and glitter for $15. I didn't need all that, so I put back the dollar spot items and new washi I was going to buy and went to Walmart. They had the same pack of pens for $12, I decided since I had to buy the whole pack anyways, I might as well get them for cheaper. I've already used a neon and a glitter but not a metallic. 
 I also picked up the wafer things cause they looked interesting. I have found some rather unique food stuff in Walmart's checkout lanes.
I was so proud of myself, I spent under $15.
Next up I went to the Dollar Tree, I'd been wanting a 20 oz cherry coke but my local grocery store has been out, so I was hoping to get one of those. I also went to find a good children's board book, I didn't find any that peaked my fancy.
I saw this:
and was tempted to buy it just cause it was a dollar, but then realized I didn't really want it.
Here's what I did pick up:
 monster stickers, erasers, treat bags, acrylic block, cards, keychain, stickers
I picked up the monster stickers, because monsters. The erasers I picked up because of the designs on them, they say they're chalkboard designs, I just thought they were cute. I also thought the treat bags were cute, they are actually plastic, there's four in the package. I've been looking for an acrylic block ever since I got a couple cling stamp sets in my Peachy Cheap grab bag, I finally found one and tried out one of the stamps the other day, I feel I need a little practice. The notecards because I always need notecards. I picked up the coffee and butterfly stickers because they were new. I want to do a coffee themed pocket letter some day. I picked up the white flowers because I had picked up a sheet in the past and sent them out in a swap. I picked up the Dory keychain because I'd seen others haul these kind of keychains but never found any.
I went to Burger King for lunch and saw this written on the sidewalk on my way home:
 After getting home on Tuesday, I watched some YouTube videos, and one in particular, a haul from Home with Tanya talked about some new paper packs and washi she found at Hobby Lobby, which I specifically avoided when I was out shopping. She showed a paper pack, Newsworthy that I fell in love with a couple of the papers, so...
On Wednesday, I went to Hobby Lobby after work. I was a little annoyed that it was fall in Hobby Lobby until I turned a corner and found it's also Christmas at Hobby Lobby:
 Now, that was all I saw, ribbons and a lot of empty space, but is it me, or does it seem Christmas comes a lot sooner to the stores nowadays? I'm used to it being Christmas by my birthday (July 2nd), but this was a little ridiculous.
Here's what I picked up:
 and because one of my photos has to be blurry, I guess this is it.
paper, tiny bags, sequins, duck tape, punch, stickers, die cuts, cards. I picked up the blue paper because it's a sea theme and one of my swaps I'm working on is an under the sea pocket letter. I got the Newsworthy paper pad. The tiny paper bags are also a sea theme, I picked up the sequins because I thought they'd work in the pocket letter. I'm always on the hunt for duct tape, if it's on sale or at the Dollar Tree I will pick it up (I'm not paying $5 and up for duct tape). I've been wanting another punch to make handmade embellishments with. I just loved the stickers. The die cuts are also for handmade embellishments. The cards were on sale, and I always need notecards.
Paper Studio stuff was half off, so the single paper was 30 cents, the paper pad was $10, the punch was $4, and the sticker sheets $1 each. Everything else was on clearance. I try not to pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby, we all know I don't need anything from there.
My Hobby Lobby is in a strip mall with a Salvation Army and a JoAnn's in it, so I went to those too.
The Salvation Army is getting tons of donations lately, so everything in the store was half off.
 I love these bowls, the Pyrex, I think they are the 2nd smallest size, I don't know why I keep picking them up, this was $1.
Here's what I picked up at JoAnn's:
paper, washi, buttons
As I was walking out the door, I got a bunch of coupons for JoAnns, but most of them started on the 8th. I wasn't even planning on going to JoAnn's so I didn't take the one that was valid for Wednesday, but since I was down there and was seeing other people's hauls, I thought I'd check it out.
I know I say this a lot, but I feel again that I should stop going to JoAnns. Again, there's not much there I want. I picked up the tiny paper pads and the washi from the $1.99 section. I've been wanting grass washi. I also love the pastel mini paper pad I got here awhile ago, so I picked up the brights and neutrals as well. I need some white cardstock and I thought I could use the rest in this pack, it was $5. The buttons were on clearance for 50 cents each. 
I thought my JoAnns got rid of the clearance section, but they just moved it, but there still wasn't anything I wanted in it. As I got up to the register, I found a unit with buttons, we all know I love buttons. I picked up a few until I realized they were 97 cents for two buttons, that's almost 50 cents per button, not worth it to me. I JUST realized the two I bought were 50 cents each and there's only one button on each of the cards. Maybe I could just say these were bigger. I have no excuse.

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