Sunday, June 25, 2017

A visit to Tuesday Morning

What I have done this week?
It feels like work and making art.
Sunday: I went to brunch with my parents for Father's Day. And then I worked.
Monday: I finished a tag:
Opened a swap of Birthday Cards:
I love her use of the Happy Birthday die cuts.
Packaged up a bunch of swaps, and went to work. I picked up this book at work:
I grew up with this book, basically it has a lot of Mother Goose nursery rhymes but it also has the equivalent of those, the Father Gander ones, and some other nursery rhymes, the pictures look like they've made with colored pencils.
Tuesday: I finished a pocket letter:
Opened a couple more swaps of $5 mystery swap:
We had to buy five $1 items at a store and send them to a partner(s)
 glittery washi, glittery clothespins and some pinwheel stickers.
 Stickers, bling, ephemera kit, tape and labels.
This cute little card came with the above swap:
I love that paper and the shaker paperclip.
I also finished a loaded envelope:
And went to work, sadly I felt crappy at work, so I came back home and relaxed for the rest of the night.
Wednesday: I went to work, went to the post office and mailed off the tag, the pocket letter, the envelope, three destash swaps, a washi swap and a sticker swap, went to the grocery store and decided they needed to retrain their baggers. My bag guy put my gallon of milk in my bag along with a bagged item and a few small items. I learned how to view Youtube on my Bluray player and watched some movies.
Thursday: I plowed through some more movies
I opened my envelope flip book:
I love the paper pad she used.
and went to work.
Friday: I had the day off and had plans to go shopping with a friend.
We started off with a tour of her new house.
She gave me a bottle of homemade wine for my birthday:
 I'm not a huge wine drinker, I tasted this at her house, it's pretty good. I am a little afraid that I won't be able to finish the bottle.
I figured out there was a Tuesday morning right across the street from the Michael's we visit. After watching everyone's YouTube videos on their Tuesday Morning purchases, I was excited to visit it. It was a very small store but still had a craft aisle. I just didn't feel like looking through all the hooks of stickers, I like that craft stores have the same sticker on a hook and aren't mixed. I'm not a big 'digger' person, I have that issue at some garage sales as well.
I spent more money on food than crafty items:
 pastries, chocolate
I love food, and I love when stores have different food than what I find at the grocery store, I love going to the food aisle of TJ Maxx as well.
Deliza Pastry Cream, cream filled puff pastry for $1.99, 2 Mini croissants with vanilla custard for $0.99 each, Dark chocolate sea salt pretzels for $2.99, Guylian seahorses for $2.49, a box of Exquisite cookies with chocolate for $2.99, and Messori cone snack for $0.79.
Crafting supplies:
 Art C embellishment pack for $0.99, black and white maritime tags for $0.99, Halloween goblet stickers for $0.99 and some mint green washi tape for $0.99.
I love that no one thing I bought was more than $3 and that I didn't spend more than $20. I didn't pick up any crafting supply that was more than $1.00. I did see the a few Downton Abbey paper pads and dies, I also saw some Martha Stewart products. Mainly I like stickers and ephemera and washi. I don't have a die cutting machine, I'm not big on punches, I'm not great at using stamps. I just didn't feel like looking through all the stickers, most of them did not interest me.
Next we went across the street to Michaels, I spent less than $10 there:
 Two sticker books for $1 each, Recollections vintage cards and envelopes for $0.79, Recollections sticker book for $2.79 and some pink trim for $1.49. I'm not really in the mood to buy crafting stuff lately because I have so much. I actually thought I'd buy way more because I haven't been to a Michaels since March, but the prices just didn't work for me.
Last stop of the day was Sam's Club, again, I love their food selection. I picked up these:
 They are soo good, and phenomenal if I warm it up for a 15 seconds in the microwave.
I got back about 7pm and watched movies the rest of the night. Somewhere during the week I figured out how to watch YouTube videos on my TV through my BluRay player, and I'm loving that.
Saturday: I went garage saleing. I didn't feel that motivated to walk a ton, or spend money, but I made myself go.
 I found some mugs for my friends' favors for my birthday. Those pipe cleaner things are supposed to be bunnies, I kinda think they look like some creepy rodent. I picked up some button covers and some trim.
My birthday is next weekend and I'm putting some favors together for my friends, I thought I'd put the items in some mugs for them, I feel I'll be keeping that owl mug, so I think might be going to Dollar Tree this week to find a third one, I do have to go for something else anyway.
I watched a bunch of movies yesterday to finish out the day.
I also got a washi swap in the mail:
We were to send each other samples of Christmas washi.

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