Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garage Sales

I was trying to figure out if I wanted to go to garage sales on Friday morning because I had to work the afternoon. There were a few close by, so I chose to go out. I found two more on my walk. One of them looked like they had set up Thursday night and left everything out overnight because it was soaked. It had rained Thursday night and everything was just sitting in water, boxes were falling apart, there were stuffed animals that were just waterlogged. It was kinda gross.
At one of the sales on my list, the lady running it was talking on the phone the entire time and when someone asked her a question about something she had sitting out, she seemed annoyed to be interrupted.
Here's what I picked up at two of the sales:
 DVD, snowman, book, earrings, stress ball.
I'm only missing the 3rd Fast and Furious now. I loved the snowman, I certainly don't need another one. I picked the book up for a gift for Christmas. I just liked the earrings, I don't need more of those either. I just really liked the peanut stress ball.
I ended up walking 3.08 miles and spending $2.45.
Today, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to a sale that was pretty far away from the others on my list, I finally decided to when I got out the door, it was a waste, but how would I know until I went to it, plus it added a few miles into my walk. By the time I got to the sales that were closer together I had talked myself out of one, but found another one and was closer to the one I didn't want to walk to, so I went to it anyway. I didn't find anything at either of them, the first one mostly because everything reeked of cigarette smoke.
I finally found something at the next sale:
 I picked up this cute teapot for $3.
I kinda lost myself, (not really, I knew where I was, I just wasn't sure where a street went) on the way to the last one where I picked up these:
 I really wanted to by the bag of shopkins I saw, but they'd just sit there and stare at me. I'm trying to take the time to ask myself if I'll actually use something, sometimes the answer is no, but I love it so much I want it. Like the smaller owl in the picture, I mostly bought it because it was an owl. I bought the teapot because it was a teapot.
These were all in the free box:
sticker, pencil pouch, toys, erasers, pin I love free boxes. I haven't gone through the stickers yet. I seem to be amassing a pencil pouch collection. I picked up Strawberry Shortcake because she's Strawberry Shortcake. The minion is for a friend. I also have quite a collection of erasers. I picked up the ribbon pin for me, it says birthday girl, I figured I'd wear it on my birthday
The next sale I went to find didn't start until 10, it was 9:30, I wasn't waiting until 10.
Here's what I picked up at the last sale:
stationery stuff, book, pom pom kit
I'm not exactly sure why I picked the Barbie bag up, I think it's because it's full of pens and pencils. I picked up the book for a co-worker whose wife is having a baby soon. It was one of my favorite books as a kid, but now that I think about it, it's too old for a baby. I love the pom pom kit.
I walked 5.15 miles today and spent $5.50.
I'm wicked tired now, and even more tired when I think about how much I walked between the two days.

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