Friday, February 10, 2017

Life happened

 So, It's been awhile, cause that always seems to happen. I've just been creating for swaps, and being a lump on my couch. Check out my other blog to see what I've been creating, here.
One of my facebook groups, we send each other gifts every month. I was a little bummed because my December partner flaked on me. I put together what I thought was a really good package and then I never got anything in return, to top it off, she told the group hostesses that I was being rude to her and then left the group. I know I could still get in touch with her through messenger, but I decided to just let it go, that's just part of swapping. Most of the time people come through and honor their commitments, but sometimes they don't and since we can't go to their house and yell at them, we just accept it. For the January swap, the hostess said she'd pair me up with someone really good. (I've had a couple packages get lost in the mail, and a couple get to me late, and I've angeled a few times, I don't know if I'll stay in the group.)
I did get a great partner for January, here's what she sent me:
 How cool is that box? And it was packed to the gills:
 I love that owl, he's sitting on the couch staring at me. Also, there's chocolate, vintage lace, a giant paperclip, some felt hearts, hot chocolate, page flags, some time pens, strawberry candy, erasers and stickers.
But, there's more:
 heart bling, sticky notes, card bases, a notebook, some clips, cards, stickers, stamps, lace, a Valentine banner, paper clips and some library cards and pockets. I'm not sure how she got it all in the box, no matter what I do, it doesn't all go back in it.
And still, more:
a scarf, socks, ribbon, washi, flat back pearl strips, and chocolate.
I sent her a book, some double stick tape, chocolate, pens, stickers, sticky notes, highlighters and some paperclips.
I went to Walmart the last day of January and picked up a few things:
 There was more, but these are the exciting things. Both of the Wonder Woman shirts were on clearance for $3, they are the junior size, so I got them extra big. I really like them, except the white one is very see-through, but I have a lot of tank tops, so it's not an issue. The cactus guy was $4, I bought him mostly because people have been talking about picking up the cactus stuffed animals from Target for $5 and I wanted one, I love this guy though. The emoji guy was $2.98, I couldn't believe he was that cheap, and I'm loving the emojis.
My hair is getting really long:
See what I mean about that shirt being see through, you can see my leggings through it. Anywho, my hair hits about below my breasts, and I'm not sure what to do with it. I put it in a braid every day, but I'm thinking I'll have to figure out something else soon, because the little wisps come undone around my ears and drive me crazy.
My co-worker was cleaning out and found some vintage buttons for me. These are my favorite from the bag she gave me:
 Has anyone seen the cherry looking one in the middle of the picture? It looks like that old plastic from the 50's-60's that I can't remember the name of. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a pair of cherries or not, there is a loop on the back of each cherry. I also love the glass ones. There is a pink glass one in the middle by the cherries, and a bunch of black glass ones. There's a tiny black glass leaf at the bottom. There's also a couple broken black glass ones.
The weather has been weird this week. Monday, it was in the 50's, Tuesday it dropped down to the 30's and was foggy, Wednesday there was a couple inches of snow on the ground, Thursday it was in the teens and felt much colder, and the wind just kept getting worse throughout the day, today it's supposed to be back in the 50's.
I decided to get out and enjoy the weather a bit today, so I went shopping. I was going to go to BAM, Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby, but that didn't happen. I started out towards BAM because I've been wanting a day-by-day calendar but no one really has a great selection. BAM is about 1.5 miles from my house, and I don't have a car, so I got out my music.
I got in there and they said a lot of things were 50% off, but I went straight to the calendars. I saw this cool one:
 I didn't need a wall calendar, but it had some cute pictures.
I was very proud of myself for only picking up the calendars, but I did pick up two.
 Mostly because they were all $3, so why not. I'm pretty sure they were about $15 each regular price. I really wanted one with pictures of cute animals, but I settled for these.
Next up was Walmart, it's probably about a half mile from BAM, maybe not even that much.
I put back the bralette, underwear and sleep wear set that I kinda needed, and spent about $30 on all this:
 I had picked up the tape a while back (probably the last time I went shopping) to see how it compared to the stuff I get at Hobby Lobby. I've decided I like it, especially when I can get 8 rolls (I picked up two packs) for less than 4 at Hobby Lobby. I picked up the fox and arrows gift bags for friends, I thought the donut one would make some cute paperclips, plus I have a sweet treats flip book to make. I picked up the two rolls of duct tape because they were on sale for $1.50, and who doesn't need duct tape. I picked up the stuffed strawberry because I'd seen the donut last time and didn't pick it up, I saw it this time too, but I liked the strawberry better. The stuffed heart emoji is for a friend. The bottle at the end is Minute Maid it was on clearance for a buck, so I thought I'd try it. The Valentine's stickers were too cute. The Christmas animal stickers were 2 cents, the owls were 10 cents, and sadly the elves rang up normal.
Next was Target:
 The thing I love most about Valentine's day is the chocolate, I haven't really been into it this year, though. My cartwheel had 20% of Ghiradelli squares so I picked up the two hearts, and I'm not gonna pass up the Lindt. The frog was 5, and the rest was from the dollar spot. I love the feathers on the sticky notes. I've been wanting the envelopes stickers since I saw them on someone's Target haul. I love these tags, they have banners sewn onto them. The sticky notes say "hello, you look" and then a whole bunch of adjectives. I just picked up the cards to have some nice bases. I remembered to give the checkout guy my cartwheel and remind him about the 5 cents off for having my reusable bag, but I forgot about my gift cards. I remembered about halfway through the parking lot, thankfully they let me put it on them.hadn
Next up was Dollar Tree:
 hand sanitizer, playing cards, bandages, lanyard, whack a balloon, pens, bookmark, and tape. The hand sanitizer, lanyard, decorative pens, bookmark and whack a balloons are for swaps. I like to send washi samples out on playing cards and of course lost my stash of them. Who can pass up minion bandages (I bought two of those)? I've seen people saying Dollar Tree was carrying the G2 pens, which is a good deal because normally a pack of 4 is about $5, until I remembered a refill pack of 3 is a little over $1, oh well. I picked up the pink/purple pens for me. I seem to have lost my clear tape recently, cause that's how my life is.
 My Dollar Tree was rumored to have issues with mice recently and they haven't had candy/food for awhile, apparently I got a little excited when I saw it was back. Basically everything is for me. The gummy carrots and tiger pops are for Easter (I realize it's a little ways away), the emoji lollipop is for a swap.
gift bag, foam glitter sheet, stickers. The gift bag, glitter sheets and frame stickers are for a swap. The rest are for me, cause stickers.
After spending $30 at Dollar Tree, I decided I didn't need to spend more at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's especially since a friend and I are going thrift store shopping for clothes next week. So, I headed over to Burger King, picked up lunch and went home.

I've been really bummed lately, I think I just don't like February. First, Valentine's Day, not just because I'm single. When my ex broke up with me, it became real on Valentine's Day. He hadn't talked to me in awhile and I just kept hoping he would, but I knew when he didn't get me anything or even call/text me on Valentine's Day, we were over. Second, one of my good friends died last year in early February. And I guess I'm just ready for spring.

What's up with everyone else?

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