Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's thrift store excursion

I don't really like Valentine's Day, so I planned a shopping trip with my boss for yesterday. She said that day worked for her, so we went out for lunch and then went to a few thrift stores in Des Moines, which is about an hour away. I never go to Des Moines, it was really fun.
We went to a place called Zombie Burger for lunch, basically it has all kinds of burgers and sandwiches named with Zombie names. I'm not sure what mine was called, but it was a portobello deep fried with fixings of a hamburger, it was wonderful.
Our first stop was Salvation Army, I don't go to Salvation Army much, but I learned as we were browsing, they will try to sell anything. It's amazing what they had for sale. The premise of this trip was to get some cool clothes, but as you'll see, I didn't end up with that many clothes.
 I did get this shrug for $2.99, the dinosaur, Rainbow Sprite and frog were 49 cents, the elephant was 69cents and a calendar I forgot to put in the picture (it's so pretty, it's a whole bunch of lions and other wild animals at this animal sanctuary) was 50cents.
Next stop was a nicer thrift store, I don't remember what it was called:
 Here's where I got my shirts, the black is a sleeveless with a cool detailing around the collar, the purple has a whole bunch of purple ribbon on the front, the pinkish one is more of a sleeveless. I picked up the potholder for a swap I'm in. I picked up the ladybug coaster for a friend.
Next up was a thrift shop where the proceeds went toward feeding animals.
 Christmas stickers, a vintage pipe cleaner creature kit, Super Mario stained glass kits, doilies, a heart dish and a tin of K&Company ephemera. I couldn't pass up the stickers or the vintage pipe cleaner kit. I also loved the Super Marios, I'm hoping to paint them and give them to friends. I bought the heart dish for my mom. I thought I'd use the doilies to make some wands.
Next up was another Salvation Army
 I found this cute stuffed elephant
I'd read of pay by pound Goodwills and while they sound interesting, when I found we had one, I realized I don't really like them. I don't like digging, I also thought it was sad that any games were scattered throughout the giant bins you have to dig through. There were a ton of beanie babies in there, and I mostly bought stuffed animals because they were cute, and basically free. It was also about 8pm and I was getting mighty tired.
 Two piglets, a sheep, some kind of green monster, a teddy bear, a strange bunny key chain, the bunny from Secret Life of pets, a set of butterfly info cards, two crocheted (knitted)? flowers.
Last stop was another Goodwill:
 a pack of MAMBI 12x12 paper, cards, a heart dish matching the other one I found, an owl figurine, a card game. I had to pick up the paper, I had found a few packs of plain cardstock with less than this pack had, also 12x12, at one of the Salvation Armies for $4.99, this pack was $2.99, plus it has specialty papers of foiled, and glossy. It was rather cool I found this heart dish that perfectly matches the other one I found, I'm planning on giving them to my mother for Mother's Day or her birthday. I loved the owl figurine, it didn't have a price on it, and when they came back with a price of $2.99, I probably shouldn't have paid that much for it.
Here are a few more things I picked up there.
an owl pillow, stuffed bee, a few movies. I had a really hard time passing up the really cute, soft stuffed animals. I did make sure there were no rips or stains on them. The movies are Heathers, Braveheart, and The Green Mile. I probably shouldn't have paid about $3 for each of them either.

I had a really fun time. Like I said, I don't like Valentines since I've been single, Tuesdays are my normal days off, so I knew I'd be at home bummed. We thought we should do it again, I hope next time to actually buy clothes. I also didn't get anything for Valentine's Day which I expected.

I really want to go shopping at the after Valentine's sales. I wanted to go today until I remembered I had to work a game tonight. I did just go to all the stores last Friday and I don't need anything else, but I love getting the chocolate cheaper and I want to see if Hobby Lobby has any somewhat cheaper double sided 12x12 papers. I made a stuffed envelope the other day with a 12x12 paper and while I like how it turned out, I wish I had something with better designs on both sides.

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