Monday, February 27, 2017

Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby haul

I went shopping today. I've been meaning to go to Dollar Tree, Target and Walmart to see if they had any valentines stuff left over.
I made it to Dollar Tree but not Target and Walmart, there's really nothing I need at those two. I did need some deodorant, body wash, and trash bags. 
Here's what I picked up: 
 gummies, chocolate and a solar dinosaur.
I believe I mentioned last time they got their food back, and I'm a sucker for gummies. I think I should put these in my Easter basket and forget about them. The chocolate eggs just sounded good. The valentines chocolate was 50cents and it doesn't look like they are solely valentines day. I picked up the solar dinosaur for a friend.
 Stickers. I was so excited that they had gotten in stickers I had seen in other people's hauls. Like I need more stickers. I need to start using my stickers.
 water bottle, bag, body wash, deodorant, pens, foam tape, suncatcher, trash bags. I did pick up what I needed. I'm curious to see how well these trash bags hold up. They had the glad ones, 5 in the box. Usually, I'll pick up a big box at Walmart/Target for about ten dollars, and there's quite a few in there, I didn't think I'd find any trash bags, so I'm happy I did, I just don't know how well they'll hold up. I picked up a new water bottle because the one I have a work has been weird lately. I leave it in the fridge and when I come back to it, I have to take the straw out and put it back in for it to work. I picked up the bag for a future swap. The pink pens I picked up for a future swap, the black ones are for me. I've been wanting foam tape for awhile. I picked up the suncatcher for the paints, I have some Super Mario suncatchers that didn't come with paints, and I needed paints.
I also went to Hobby Lobby because their Easter stuff is 40% off. It's kinda weird cause their St. Paddy's stuff is still only 30% off and I know Easter is after St. Paddy's Day. I didn't look at the Easter stuff at all last time I was there because it wasn't on sale. I also saw they were having their paper half off and I wanted a paper pad I had seen last time.
 paper, stickers, cupcake liners, rice crispie treats. Those are journaling cards, which I also don't need more of. I did talk myself out of the 12x12 paper pad I had come in for, it wasn't as neat as I thought it was last time. I picked up the succulent stickers because I have succulent washi and paper, I really need to do a pocket letter with them. I thought the flower stickers went with the journaling cards I got on the 18th. The hot air balloons are from their valentines section, which was 90% off. I had seen on Tanya's Hobby Lobby haul that they had these fox stickers and I also picked up the felt ones to go with them. The cupcake liners are springy and I wanted to use them for rosettes. The rice crispy treats were also from their valentine's section.
stickers, washi, stamps, bird.
These butterflies were in the Easter section. I'm trying to pick up things that are more springy than Easter, but I really liked these chicks and eggs. The hearts were from their valentine's section. The washi looks to be thin floral. I have the blue in a regular width. I did see these stamps last time I was in before I told myself to not look at the Easter stuff. I thought the flower, spring and bicycle stamp could be used more than just at Easter time. I really liked this little bird figurine.

I used up the rest of the $100 giftcard my dad gave me on the 17th. That's pretty bad. It took a little over a week for me to spend it all. There were two gas station stops for food, two Hobby Lobby trips, one JoAnn's trip, three post office trips, and a Dollar Tree trip. It's not something I want to think of spending in a week. I was feeling really proud of myself for basically not buying anything last Tuesday when I was out, but then to realize I did spend that much is really sad.

I was looking at my posts from the last year and have noticed that I have a lot of things that I have bought. Most of the stuff that I bought and don't still have has been candy or food. Most of the stuff I still have is stickers and washi. I really need to stop buying them and start using them. I have so much of both of them, I really don't need more.
I do want to check out Walmart and Target to see if they have any springy/Easter stuff I can't live without.

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