Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hodgepodge Vol 298

It's Hodgepodge time, head on over to Joyce's to see what other people have answered. I admit, the questions haven't really been interesting to me lately, there was one last week about a book I've read, but I couldn't think up answers for the rest, so I didn't join in.
1. Have you ever been fishing? Did you catch a fish? If so did you keep it or throw it back? If you haven't been fishing is that something you'd like to try? I have been fishing, I am not patient enough to sit there and wait for the fish, though. My ex took me a few times, and I'd always wander off to find something else to do, he got tired of that and stopped taking me fishing.

Fish out of water, big fish in a small pond, living in a fishbowl, packed in like sardines, this is a fine kettle of fish, plenty of fish in the sea, or cut bait...which fishy phrase most recently applies to some area of your life? Maybe living in a fishbowl, I've decided my life is boring, mostly all I do is go to work and go home and read, craft, or watch TV. I think I'm just itching for garage sale season. Our weather has been gorgeous lately, we hit the 70s twice last weekend. That is very strange for February in Iowa. I know it's going to get colder and we're getting snow the end of the week. I think I'm just ready for the weather to be nice and not have to worry about what might be coming.

2. What's something you're always fishing for in your purse, wallet, desk, or kitchen junk drawer? My chapstick. My lips always seem to be chapped or dry, so I have about 20 tubes of it, can I ever find them? No. Thankfully they are cheap.

3. Your favorite fish tale or movie? I just recently watched Finding Dory. That was wicked cute. Baby Dory, with her giant eyes, yes. Plus all the other characters, loved that movie.

4. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight or night? Explain why you chose your answer. I think I'm more daylight. Like I said, I love walking to garage sales. I'm not big on staying out at night, and I have a wicked hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

5. What's the oldest piece of clothing you own and still wear? Probably some of my bras. I don't like shopping for those and they don't really wear out, so I never shop for them.

6. We've got one more month of (officially) winter here in the Northern hemisphere. Are you feeling the need for a getaway? What's been the best and worst part of your winter so far? I am actually going to Chicago the week of St Patrick's Day. I'm excited about it, I feel I kind of just need to get away from life for awhile. 
Worst: When I was at the bookstore in early January, there was one Sunday where it was -15 outside and the windchill was -30. I'm not a fan of the cold weather, especially when I have to go out in it. If it was cold and I could just curl up at home, I'd be fine. We also had an ice storm on Martin Luther King Jr., Day. I hated that, we skated everywhere for the next few days, you couldn't even walk on the grass because there was this thin coat of ice on everything.
Best: but also on that note, when it's wicked cold, it's been nice and cozy in my apartment, I love just being here and curling up on the couch with my computer. I guess I could also say these 70 degree days we've been having.

7.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge lands on National Margarita Day...will you be celebrating? Frozen or on the rocks? Are you a Jimmy Buffet fan? If so, what's your favorite JB tune? I don't drink. I don't like the taste of alcohol. My favorite alcoholic drink is actually a mudslide. I'm not a huge Jimmy Buffet fan either, I think the only one I've heard is Alan Jackson's It's Five O'Clock somewhere, where he comes in at the end.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Like I said above I'll be heading to Chicago for the week of St Patrick's Day, that's spring break here. I haven't been on vacation since my family went to Charleston, SC a few years ago for Christmas. It's interesting the difference in our planning. My parents decided we need to plan this trip, all I want to do is relax, maybe wander off and explore some neighborhoods. I'm really not interested in having all my days completely planned out. 


Katie Clooney said...

I have spent many a St. Paddy's day in Chicago. One of my favorite towns. Safe travels.

Angie Church said...

Chicago always has a great day on St. Paddy's day so much excitement. I wake up in the early morning that is because I work early hours but my favorite time of day is day or twilight when I can rest
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