Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catching up

This past weekend was gorgeous, I believe we were in the high 60's both Saturday and Sunday. I had a basketball game I worked on Saturday and walked home by way of Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. My dad had given me a $100 gift card, one of those ones you can spend anywhere (except Walmart, apparently, he had tried and it wouldn't go through at Walmart, I haven't had issues anywhere else). I stopped at a gas station for lunch (it was about 3pm by then) of cheeseballs and a Mello Yello, after enjoying those in a sunny spot. I headed into Hobby Lobby. I really wasn't going to buy much, but I found some cool stuff on clearance:
Paper, stickers, journaling cards, buttons, card kit, metal signs. The three papers at the top are single sheets, Paper Studio stuff was 50% off, so I picked up these three florals. I'm not usually into florals, so I don't know why I picked these up, on one of the channels I watch on YouTube, she mentioned she was ready for spring and was picking up florals, so maybe that's why. The Valentine's things were 66% off, so I picked up a sheet of stickers, foam glittery hearts and a card kit. I had wanted all of these earlier, but I didn't want to buy them at 30% off. I'd been eyeing these stickers, but I believe they were originally $3.99 (I don't have my receipt anymore, so I'm really not sure), and I thought that was a bit much for stickers. Especially since I don't need anything. I also picked up these glittery foam heart stickers. I love how they have blue and green in the pack. The glitter fallout is also not that bad. I also loved this card kit, it has tiny cards with jewels, hearts and some tiny die cuts. There were two different sets, but I really liked this set because it has tiny die cuts of mason jars. I always check out the clearance section when I go in, I noticed it was a bit bare, so I went down some of the aisles and noticed they had a bit of things in the aisles with clearance stickers. Last time that happened at my Hobby Lobby, they were making room for new things, so I wonder if something new and exciting is coming. The buttons were the only thing that weren't marked down, but I used a 40% off on them. I love buttons. The two packs of MAMBI journaling cards were originally $4.99 marked down to $2.99, probably still a bit high, but I love them. The other package of cards was the same. The two metal signs were 40% off, I thought they'd be great for spring swaps.
I don't know if you guys like it when I open the kits and spread them out for you, but I did with this shopping haul again. This is the My Mind's Eye, my story journal cards:
 I really like journaling cards, more so if they don't really have a spot for journaling. I like to use them in pocket letters, flip books, whatever. Once again, this was originally $4.99, marked down to $2.99.
These are the MAMBI Journaling cards packs:
 Again with the floral

 Like I said I don't normally gravitate towards floral, so I don't know why I really liked these, but I hope I will use them.
 There were two packs, as far as I can tell there are no titles or themes written on the packs. They are all one sided. I don't have the packaging in front of me, but there were a lot of 3x4 cards and a few 4x6 cards. Also originally $4.99 marked down to $2.99.
This is the Valentine kit:
 I didn't show you any of the multiples, but it came with 6 cards, 6 envelopes, 3 of each design, 22 die cuts, 8 glitter stickers and 1 gemstone sticker sheet. It doesn't have a suggestion on how to make your cards.
And these are my favorite buttons from the pack:

 Like I said, I love buttons. I'm trying to shop less at stores and more at garage sales this year, where I can find more of the vintage stuff. I'll elaborate more at the end of the post.
Next up, JoAnns:
paper pad, tags, foam dots, washi, mini paper pad, sticker book.
I haven't been shopping at JoAnn's much lately, it seemed like they didn't have much in papercrafting stuff since they remodeled. I had heard that their Valentine's stuff was 80% off and that they had a cool $1.99 section, so since my Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's are in the same strip, I thought I'd check it out.
They had a 'President's Sale' where their paper pads were 50% off, normally there's no paper I want, but I did find this paper pack, Happy Day Stack by DCWV and got it for about $10. I had found another stack at Hobby Lobby called She said Yes, or something like that, that was gorgeous, but I didn't pick it up, I really don't need more paper. I was also hoping to find it in the 4x6 size, but I didn't. Most of their Valentine's stuff was marked as on sale, but they didn't have their new $1.50 and $3 section marked, and I didn't feel like paying full price for a couple things. I did find this cute sticker book called Ride my bicycle, or something like that. It's basically a whole bunch of different animals riding bicycles, and only $1. I also found the $1.99 section. The tiny paper pack, washi, tags, and foam squares were from there. I'm not sure they're really worth $1.99, but I was excited to find the mason jar tags, the foam squares, and the fox washi. I liked the small paper pack, it looks to be the perfect size to layer in pocket letters.
Sunday, I worked a wrestling meet and then walked home, but didn't go shopping, I had to meet with my parents to plan our Chicago trip, more on that below.
Monday was a staff training day at the library, lots of sitting.
Tuesday, I headed out to the post office and then walked up to the mall. I had to return something to TJ Maxx before the end of February and since it was still nice, I figured, why not. I tried to find something to spend my return money on, the only thing I found was this:
It's bars of chocolate, but it was also $5.99, I didn't think it was worth that. So, I just got my refund. I also tried to spend a giftcard I had for returning Christmas presents at Younkers, but I never really find anything there. The whole store was pretty much on sale and I still couldn't find anything.
Next I headed to our Walmart. It's across the street from the mall, they are converting it to a Super Walmart, and they are getting close. It was very empty, if I didn't know they were converting it, I might have thought they were going out of business. I wanted to see if they had any good clearance deals on Valentine's stuff. I barely found any Valentine's stuff, I did find a couple packs of underwear, I needed those, so I grabbed them. Especially since the two of them were less than a regular priced pack. I also picked up a sheet of Easter stickers and an Easter activity book.
I took my refund from TJ Maxx and spent it on lunch at Jimmy Johns and rode the bus home. Later when I mapped out my route, I learned I walked about 3 miles, no wonder I was tired.
I've been wanting to check out Target to see if they have any Valentine's stuff left, but I don't need anything, and even though it would technically be free because I still have giftcards from Christmas, I'm not doing it. Today, the temperature dropped down to a high barely below 50. Tomorrow, we're supposed to get snow. It will get warmer again, but looks like we'll have snow for a few days. It is February in Iowa after all.
I'm going to Chicago about the middle of March. I'm ready for a vacation. My parents want to plan everything out, but other than the aquarium I really have nothing I want to see. I just want to relax, not think about work and not be here. I'm hoping to just kinda explore, walk around. My brother lives in Chicago, so we're staying with him.

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